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Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Karen's wants to know if her house number is unlucky, because it adds to a 14 Karmic Debt.


Dear Hans,

My house numbers add up to 14, which seems unlucky according to your House Number Numerology article. But is it possible to reduce that number to 5, which is a much better number for a home address?



Hi Karen,

Your question touches upon one of the most interesting and spiritually empowering aspects of numerology; Karmic numbers. As you know, numerology centers around the single digit numbers 1 through 9, however, there are some double-digit numbers such as the Karmic Debt numbers, that have their own unique and specific set of attributes. Numerology recognizes four Karmic Debt numbers; 13, 14, 16, and 19.

Whenever we encounter a Karmic Debt number, we still reduce them to a single digit, but we take note of the fact that this particular single digit is based on a Karmic number and is therefore saddled with all its Karmic attributes.

In your case, the 14 Karmic Debt number reduces to the single digit 5 (1 + 4), and all the traits off the 5 influence the environment of your house; dynamic, adventurous, transforming, sensuous, risk-taking, socially active, and above all, a strong emphasis on freedom. A 5 address is generally fortunate for active, young, and ambitious people. However, with the 14 Karmic Debt number behind the 5, you can expect times of pure chaos, unexpected occurrences, difficulty concentrating, and a sense of lacking control. It may tempt you into self-indulgence (alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, etc.), irresponsible, even self-destructive behavior, and inviting the wrong people into your life.

However, the first and foremost purpose of Karmic numbers is that they inspire (or force) you to look your demons in the eye and conquer them. You are offered a chance, as well as the necessary tools, to overcome weaknesses.

Take advantage of that opportunity and you will do very well at this house; maintain moderation and discipline, stay clear about your goals, and keep the reins tight. Restraint, order, focus, and control are key to successfully transforming and empowering you, and if you apply those qualities, the spirit of this house will support you. As an added bonus, this house number also indicates an active social life and opportunities for romance.

By the way, if you only looked at the house numbers, and not the full address, you may also want to run the address through the address analyzer tool that is one of the 18 modules in the World Numerology App

Hans Decoz



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