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Ikshan from Indonesia asks:

How about the interpretation for numbers higher than 99? Like 104 and 124.

Thank you.

Hi Ikshan,

Multi-digit numbers generally are reduced to single-digit numbers, unless they add to a Master number. (There are three Master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. You can learn more about Master numbers here…) They are interpreted based on their single-digit value.



However, sometimes we want to take a closer look at a multi-digit number, for example when we wish to analyze a calendar year in order to forecast its influence. I recently wrote a forecast for 2019 and in order to get a detailed, in-depth look, I analyze the whole number, but even then, the dominating influence is the single-digit to which it is reduced.

Here is how a multi-digit number should be analyzed:


To find the numerology meaning of a multi-digit number, add them using these methods.

Kerryn from South Africa asks:

Hi Hans,

I would like to do your online numerology course. I was able to access it yesterday but not today. Please advise. My understanding is that there is no extra fee?

Hello Kerryn,

Thank you for your interest in numerology. The course is indeed free. I don’t know why you couldn’t access it today. Perhaps there was an issue with the Internet connection, or the URL was incorrect. Here’s the link to the course.

Best of luck,

Gregor from Slovenija asks:

Hi Hans,

I'm wondering how a different language/alphabet impacts the numerology results. I'm Slovene, and our alphabet is different from english, yet through the course of my life I've mostly referred to English interpretations. I realize the meaning of the numbers is the same, they're just derived from different letters. Also, will you enable customizable alphabet in your application?

Hi Gregor,

My original numerology software for professionals does include an option to select letters from different alphabets and assign their numerical values, however, this is done by the user. (It would be impossible for me to include all the different letters found in Scandinavian, Eastern European, and other alphabets.)

A future update of our app will include that option, but again, the user will have to select the letters and their values. Considering that the user is fluid in that language, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Best wishes,

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