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Dear Hans,

My name at birth was Marlaine .... , and I was born on Tuesday, July ....

My question is: what is my life purpose with my career? To be more precise -- what is the one thing I am supposed to be doing for a career that will make my heart feel fulfilled?

Thank you -- I appreciate the time and energy you'll take to answer my question.


Dear Marlaine,

A few numbers in your chart immediately stand out. First, your 22/4 Life Path number. The 22 is a Master number and as such produces some side effects single digit Life Path numbers do not. There is a certain amount of pressure to make a difference and to do something dramatic and unique, more so than other numbers, including other Master numbers.

The 22 is the master builder, the doer, the one who can take oversize dreams and turn them into reality. The 22 can make things manifest. At the same time, there is the need to “master” the potential of this number. For that reason, it is demanding and whereas others can get by putting forth some effort and keeping up with daily duties and responsibilities, the 22 requires what I refer to as extra effort; the need to go well beyond what needs to be done, to push yourself and the envelope, no matter what goal you are pursuing – in small things as well as big projects.

This is your first and foremost requirement; you have to work harder than others, you have to be more dedicated than others, you have to be more efficient and effective than others and … drum roll please, you have to devote yourself to a goal larger than yourself. To some extent, when a Master number rules your life’s path, you have to be willing to become its servant. Otherwise, it will eat you and spit you out.

Next, notice the two 6s, one for your Expression, one for your Heart’s Desire. As always, when the Heart’s Desire and the Expression are the same, the Personality can only be 9. The 6 and 9 have two things in common, they are both highly creative, especially in the visual fields, and they are both compassionate and self-sacrificing. The difference is that where the 6 focuses its love and care on those close by, like family, friends, and the community, the 9 directs its compassion to the world at large, a more global consciousness. Obviously, you have both in large doses.

Two other things I want to point out. You have several 1 Challenges, and you are two years shy of entering an 11 Pinnacle. There are plenty of other numbers that play a role, but time and space allow me only to pay specific attention to these. The 1 Challenge has one dominant influence; you must find your confidence and independence. This is crucial to your success, much more so than if you had other Challenge numbers. It is the one vacuum you have to fill. The soon to arrive 11 Pinnacle will make you more intuitive and more aligned with the essence of your being; it will help you get in touch with your deeper self.

Having said all that, my advise as far as career is simple. You will find that there are two career choices that offer a path to fulfillment and happiness. First and, I expect, probably your eventual choice, the visual arts. Designer, painter, decorator, any of those. But with the 9 backing up two 6s, I think combining colors and materials will be your strength, meaning architect, interior designer, stage designer, costume designer, something in that area. This career, however, will only be successful if you find the necessary confidence and independence (remember your 1 Challenges). If you try to conform to existing styles and fashions, you will fail. If you manage to find the strength to step outside the boundaries of what is accepted, if you push the envelope to the bursting point, you have a good chance of achieving great success.

Your second choice is in the healing or teaching areas. But not the usual, not simply doctor, nurse, teacher, or any of those. No matter what healing or teaching career you chose, it will have to be global, total dedication and devotion, and effecting large numbers of people. Anything less will keep you unsatisfied.

I am pretty sure, based on some other numbers (1 Maturity, 1 Balance number) that you either already have devoted considerable time and attention to attain a level of confidence and a sense of independence, that the 1 Challenges are not the big obstacles they were until your mid-twenties. I am also confident that finances will never be a reason to fail (8 Minor Heart’s Desire, 8 Rational Thought). And finally, that the visual arts will be your eventual calling.

Due to the large number of 5s in your name, it may take some time before you find your niche, but by age 41 (I know, it’s right around the corner) you should have a pretty good idea. Good luck – no, sorry, luck has nothing to do with it. Work hard, and you will receive everything you could ask for.


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