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Dear Hans,

How exactly does a universal year, effect one's personal year? I mean I hear Hans and other numerologists talk about the universal year, but they don't really seem to go in depth with it.,


Dear Chad.

As the name suggests, Universal Year, Month, and Day, cycles are based on the calendar year only, and affect all of us. The effect is minor and its influence on any particular individual is so small as to be pretty much non-existent. Which explains why it does not in any way appear as a noticeable common denominator for all people.

However, it does have a powerful impact on the world as a whole. To use an analogy, if every person on the planet receives a penny it makes no measurable difference for any one of us, yet adds $80,000,000.00 to the global market.

Personal Year, Month, and Day, cycles, on the other hand, are based on the influence a single individual's personal "calendar" has - the rhythm of daily and yearly cycles that originated at the birth of that person and is innately tied to the universal calendar. And this is one of those aspects of numerology that reveals the logic underlying the art and science of numerology.

On one hand, you have this huge Universal cycle, a pattern of cycles within cycles that operates on a global plane. On the other hand, there is the individual's personal rhythm of cycles that started a short time ago, at his or her birth. And it is on the intersection of those cycles that the moment to moment influence of the Personal Year cycle functions. Your personal cycles merge with the universal cycles to reveal what kind of influences, positive and negative, are at play. (This too, is why the Personal Year cycles are felt to be more or less external, as its influence reflects forces and events coming from outside of you, while the Essence and Transit cycles seem more internal. The Essence and Transit cycles are not tied into the Universal cycles in any way.)

This logic is also seen in the mathematical formula used to calculate your Personal Year cycles. Take the month and day of your birth - the starting point of your personal life rhythm - and add the current calendar year - a point in the calendar year that represents the "now." In other words, you plug your personal cycles into the universal year cycles, like a second drummer picking up the rhythm of the first one, and adding his own variations while consistently sticking to the first drummer's rhythm. Now let's add some other instruments.

As I mentioned, the Essence and Transit cycles are not connected to the universal calendar, only to your date of birth and even then, the date of birth is only there to produce a timeline, adding absolutely nothing as far as the effect a particular Essence or Transit cycle might have. Your Essence and Transit cycles are based on the letters in your name, creating a music that is totally independent from outside sources as it is you, and only you as reflected in your name, playing that instrument. Dates have nothing to do with it. So here you have different kinds of cycles based on different sources, yet all intersecting and playing together in a harmony not unlike music.

The Universal Year/Month/Day cycles are in part the foundation of the Personal Year/Month/Day cycles, like two cycles connected for as long as you live, while the Essence and Transit cycles are weaving through them yet are completely independent, adding the individual's personal evolutionary path to give meaning and purpose to all of it.

Here is perhaps something to consider, now that we are talking about the harmony in cycles and such.
Ask yourself, why do you enjoy music? If there is just a bunch of noise, there is nothing in you that responds to that except maybe a bit of irritation. However, if that noise has a harmony that transcends it into the realm of music it can be incredibly enjoyable, even touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Why is that? Could it be that inside of you exists a harmony of its own that is awakened whenever music enters your ears? And if this harmony-recognition apparatus inside of you is real, could it be that the need for harmony in all aspects of life is what brings joy to even the most cynical among us?

Harmony. What a concept. Perhaps we can turn the noise of this world into music.


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