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Dear Hans,

Two men have been continually reappearing in my life as love interests since March 2007. At different times I have been romantically involved with either one or the other.

I am starting to get the impression that they will continue to be prevalent in my life for quite some time to come ... it is turning into a love Triangle. I am quite happy with both of them, so should I carry on with either one of them and if so which one ... or both? Thank you in advance for your time & insight.



Dear Heather.

I don't have room here to give you in-depth insight in this issue, so I suggest that you get compatibility readings on you and Ronald, and on you and Kevin. However, I will do charts on all three of you to find why you have a hard time choosing, or even whether you should choose, and other things that might not be obvious in a standard relationship compatibility reading.

The first thing that jumps out of your chart is your 6 Essence cycle from 2000 to 2003 and from 2006 through 2010. By itself, that simply puts the focus on relationships and family issues. However, you also have a 3 Period Cycle during that time (scattered, playful, creative, but little or no foundation), and an 11 Pinnacle (overly sensitive, vulnerable, and again, not exactly a grounding number). Add to that an "O" Transit, and your cycles are anything but stable and grounded in the area of romance and family.

In fact, making decisions in most matters has not been your forte for the last decade. On the other hand, you have very strong numbers in your date of birth as well as your name. To use an analogy, you are sailing a strong and reliable ship, it's just that the captain can't make up her mind which way to go.

Kevin's cycles show that he is going through big changes right now and for at least another 6 months, the kind of transformation that affects his personality, demeanor, and outlook on life. I can pretty much promise you that he will make up his mind before the end of the next summer and, interestingly, he will be in a committed relationship after that - starting around the summer of 2011. The numbers from his date of birth and full name show a solid person, dependable and loyal, but also sensitive and easily hurt. He has a quiet and hidden side; an observer who keeps a rather large part of his emotions and dreams to himself. Politics or law would be a good fit for him as far as career.

Ronald's core numbers derived from his full name are identical to yours, 6, 8, and 7 for the Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality respectively. No wonder you get along. You have so much in common that a long-term committed love relationship may well be the quickest way to spoil everything. On the other hand, with your 8 Life Path and his 4 Life Path, the charts are as close to perfectly compatible as I have ever seen between two people, but for business and/or friendship. Not so much for a long-term love relationship within the boundaries of marriage. As for Ronald's cycles, big changes are ahead around the middle of 2012, but overall, his cycles do not show the kind of commitment and focus on family that usually points to marriage or committed relationship until the early part of 2014.

Heather, it seems pretty clear to me that you and Ronald will have a life-long relationship that could include a business or work connection, and most certainly a deep friendship, love, and ability to almost read each other's mind. However, the numbers are not promising when it comes to marriage or anything like that. As a rule of thumb, when we look for relationship compatibility, the last thing you want is identical or almost identical charts. Of course, there are always exceptions and more important than the advice of your friendly local numerologist is what your heart tells you.

To conclude, it seems obvious that as far as love relationship you are more compatible to Kevin. In all other areas you are more compatible with Ronald. And yet, your cycles and Kevin's cycles do not give me the impression that his future commitment will be with you, or if they are, your priorities and the essence of your experiences will be very different. But again, the heart is the true expert, the mind, even when soaked with numbers, is inadequate in comparison.


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