numerology question: is a y a vowel or a consonant?


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Dear Hans,

My name is Brittany ..., born 01/... I have your great software and I love it!

I'm getting mixed answers from many Numerologists regarding the "Y" in “Brittany”. Is it a vowel or a consonant? When it's Brittany , with the Y being a consonant, the numbers are 3 Soul Urge, 11/2 Personality and 5 Name number. But some Numerologists, including you, say its 1 Soul Urge (vowels), 4 Personality (consonants) and 5 Name Number.

Thanks a lot!


Dear Brittany.

The reason you don't relate to Brittany with the "Y" as a vowel is because that is not who you are.

Brittany +middle name and last name... is who you are. You calculated your chart without including your middle name. Your full name at birth reveals your personality, it shows WHO you are, what you are made off. Always include the middle name when you do a chart.

First, the rules behind the letter "Y". In numerology, the "Y" is a consonant only when it is next to a vowel and both are part of the same syllable. (There are exceptions, more here) In your case, the "Y" in Brittany is definitely a vowel.

As it happens, the Expression or Name number does not change whether we use the "Y" as a vowel or a consonant, it is included either way. When we do your chart and we include the middle name, your Expression number becomes an 8. On the other hand, your Heart's Desire and Personality numbers are very much affected by the letter "Y" as a vowel versus a consonant.

In your case, the "Y" as a vowel makes the Heart's Desire and Personality numbers 3 and 5 respectively, both numbers you thought "felt true" to you. In other words, your chart, when done correctly, feels right. The reason that you also seem to relate to the number 11/2 is probably because the 11 keeps popping up as a "hidden" number; the vowels of your last name add to 11, as do the consonants of your last name. Quite a few 11s are also found in your Diamond chart and, perhaps most importantly, your Essence cycles during 2008 and 2009 were 11s.

As always, Brittany, the location of a number found in your chart is important. The 11s in your last name signify an ancestral influence dominated by that number. (We will be launching a new feature on our website around Thanksgiving that focuses on the influence of last names as a way to learn more about your ancestors, their lives, and how they affect you today. You will be able to include last names that are part of your numerological "DNA" even if the name is not part of your name today, like your mother's maiden name or your grandfather's name on your mother's side, and so forth.)

Brittany, your adventurous and unconventional Personality (a 5), coupled with a highly imaginative and creative drive (a 3), combine to make you a potentially successful entrepreneur or self-employed artist (most likely in the communication field).

The challenge is to remain focused and disciplined as both the 3 and the 5 tend to be a bit scattered. It is also helpful to realize that at age 22, you are only beginning to scratch the surface of your abilities and your potential. Your chart looks balanced and promising, with a strong focus on committed long-term relationship starting in the early months of 2013, and a shift in career and professional life in your late twenties.

By age 32 you will be well established in a role of authority, independence, and management (most likely running your own business) and experiencing significant financial success.


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