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Hi Hans,

I read your article about Age Digits. My birthday is 16/.... so I believe that makes my age digit 9 currently. Does this only apply to 2018 or does it run from birthday to birthday? I also wanted to know what my age digit for 2019 means in relation to my yearly cycle?

Thank you!

Hi Madison:

The Age Digit cycle always runs concurrent with the calendar year, and yes, yours is 9 for the year 2018. Your Age Digit is calculated by adding your age before your birthday to your age after your birthday, then reducing it to a single digit number. (Master numbers and Karmic Debt numbers don’t apply to Age Digits.)

In your case, you were 22 and 23 respectively, adding to (22+23) 45, which reduces to (4+5) 9.
Next year, starting in January, your Age Digit chances to a 2, as you will be 23 and 24 during 2019. These add to 47, which reduces to 11, then further reduces to 2.

For your information, you don’t have to calculate your Age Digits. Just go here and enter your date of birth to get your current Age Digit. It will also tell you it’s meaning.


Hi Hans,

What does the double-digit number 77 really mean ?


Hello Aashish,

Like all double-digit numbers with identical digits, 77 is a power number but it is not a Master number. (Only 11, 22, and 33 are Master numbers.)

The cardinal number to which 77 reduces is 5 (7+7=14, 1+4=5), and that is its most essential personality; a love of freedom and adventure, the 5 is flexible, adaptable, and tolerant, but lacks focus and discipline. (You can read an in-depth description of the 5 here.)

However, a 5 based on 77 is highly intelligent and almost always spiritual, but it is also suspicious and lacks control. It is smart, witty, and quick, it can think on its feet, and is an excellent sales person, lawyer or politician. Unfortunately, a lack of intellectual control means its intelligence rarely results in deep realizations or intellectual breakthroughs, but rather tends to stay on the surface.

Finally, between the 5 and 77 stands the 14, a Karmic Debt number, which tends to cause issues related to freedom; abuse without self-discipline can result in drug or alcohol abuse, the inability to hold a job, and fear of commitment.

Fortunately, the 77 can never be found as a result of any calculation based on the date of birth. The highest possible double-digit number that can be found as the bases for a Life Path number is 55, all other numbers that are derived from a person’s date of birth don’t get anywhere near that (Pinnacle and Period cycles, Challenges, Transits, and Essence cycles). This means theoretically the only source in your numerology chart that can deliver a 77 is your name, and I don’t believe I have ever seen a chart that produced a 77 from the full name at birth. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but it is very rare.


Dear Hans,

Hi, please could you tell me what it means if you’re seeing all of the master numbers everywhere all the time? Would appreciate some advice on what this means.


Casey asked a similar question:

Hi, I've never been into numerology or anything but my boyfriend and I have been together for 19 years. My birthday is December 22... his birthday is June 17 ... here's my question: for the past 19 years we both constantly see my birthday number. 1222... On the clock, phone, TV everywhere.. it has to mean something that both of us keep seeing this very same number.

Please help me understand this,

Hello Deborah and Casey:

Seeing Master numbers – or recurring numbers of any kind - means your subconscious is trying to push a particular message to the surface. What that is depends on the numbers you are seeing, as well as the numbers in your personal numerology chart; it’s different for everyone, but the message is within you, hiding in plain sight so to speak.

In general, seeing the 11 over and over means you are not using your intuition properly, while the 22 is trying to tell you to stop dreaming and start doing. The 33 is not a commonly recurring Master number, but if you see it consistently you have a message to convey to others and should get on with it.

Most recurring numbers, however, tend to be variations, like 611 or 3232, or, as in Casey's case 1222. Deciphering their meaning is more challenging but also more specific to the individual. Seeing Master numbers is fairly common, because they apply to just about every one of us at some point during our lives, but when a number is more intricate, the message is more specific. Without an in-depth look at the charts of Casey and her boyfriend, I would say the number 1222 points at a discordance between the spiritual/esoteric meaning of marriage (the number 1222 [1+2+2+2] totals to 7), as well as the fear of surrendering independence (the cornerstone of 1222 is 1) in favor or commitment. But without looking at the charts I can't tell to whom this message applies.


Dear Hans,

I was born December 31... Because my birthday is at the end of each year, is my new, upcoming numerology year based on that birthday's total. For example: 12+31+...=4 and that is the vibration number for the year of ....? or 12+31+2018=9 and that will be numerology vibration for 2019? And, so on?

Dr. John H.

John, you are entering a bit of a grey area in numerology, and one where numerologists don’t always agree. But let me first explain how your Personal Year number, which I believe is what you are referring to, should be calculated.

Add the sum of your month and day of birth to the current calendar year. In your case, for 2018, that would be 12 + 31 + 2018. For the sake of consistency, we always break each unit down to a single digit first, so, its 3 + 4 + 2 = 9.

You were born on the very last day of the year, and that makes it a little complicated.

Here’s how cycles work: Your Personal Year cycle runs concurrent with the calendar year, but cycles are actually more like waves; they gradually rise, reach their pinnacle, then diminish until the next wave rises, and the force that pulls the cycle to its pinnacle is birthday.

What that means is that for someone born in June or July, the Personal Year cycle’s gradual ascending and descending is in perfect synchronicity with the calendar year. However, when you are born very early in the year, the ascending and descending is early in the calendar year – as early as February or March. If, as in your case, you are born late in the year, the ascending and descending could be as late as November and December. The pinnacle of a Personal Year cycle is controlled by the Birthday not unlike the way the moon pulls the tide.

You should also keep in mind that the process of ascending and descending still takes 12 months, so the effect of your Personal Year cycle will fee strongest at the end of the current year (the attributes of the 9 Personal Year for 2018), but remnants of it will still be felt in April and May of 2019.

A long time I created a graph that explains it. You can find it here…



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