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World Numerology and Numerologist dot com


We removed introductions and other general information from both numerology readings, leaving only what is personal and pertinent to the client.


You can view the complete numerology readings below.

Comparing Numerology Readings by World Numerology and Numerologist Dot Com, shows a big difference in price and quality


The table below compares the content between Numerologist dot com and World Numerology's Personality Profile and forecast readings.

Table comparing numerology readings by World Numerology and Numerologist dot com; based on text specific to the user


World Numerology Readings and Charts, by numerologist Hans Decoz
Our competitors numerology reading can be viewed here or downloaded


Compare additional numerology readings available from World Numerology and Numerologist Dot Com


Many numerology readings sold on other websites are produced by numerologist Hans Decoz' earlier numerology software for professionals, released in 1987.

A number of those readings are still available through various sites (tokenrock dot com, astrology-numerology dot com, and others), but they have not been updated to include Decoz new and expanded readings.

From 2012 to 2016 Decoz focused on revising his original numerology readings and creating new charts and reports. During this period, he teamed with World Numerology to develop a numerology software app specifically for the individual – a vastly improved version of his professional numerology software, now for everyone.


Hans Decoz teamed with World Numerology in 2016 to bring his updated and new numerology readings to the public more conveniently and affordable.
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