Numerology Meaning of Karmic Lesson 1

Karmic Lesson Number 3

This Karmic Lesson indicates you are highly self-critical. When you find yourself at the center of attention, you often judge your performance to be entirely inadequate or embarrassing. You tend to measure yourself against an impossible standard of perfection. Try to refrain from constant self-evaluation.

It is important for you to recognize no one is flawless. Feeling the need to act impeccably can prevent you from doing what you enjoy in life. Practice being more optimistic and cheerful - enjoy this “messy” life and share your joy with others.

Life will place you in situations that require imagination and communication. You will be tested in these areas and forced to face your feelings of inadequacy. Missing 3’s often produces artists - but their success will require consistent effort and perseverance.

The effect of this Karmic Lesson is diminished if you have at least one 3 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression or Personality Number).



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