Numerology Meaning of Karmic Lesson 1

Karmic Lesson Number 1

The 1 Karmic Lesson indicates you need to show more initiative in your life, to be more determined in your efforts. You will need to make your own decisions and learn to be more independent, things that are not as easy with a missing 1.

Life will bring many strong-willed people into your life with whom you will struggle. You will need to assert yourself or be suppressed by these forceful people. The 1 Karmic Lesson is here to help you become more forceful and dynamic. Try not to concern yourself with what others think. Practice promoting yourself, work on self-self-confidence and faith in your judgment and abilities. Overcome the tendency to procrastinate.

The effect of this Karmic Lesson is diminished if you have at least one 1 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Heart's Desire, Expression, or Personality Number).



If you are currently doing your own reading, continue with The Balance Number



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