The World Numerology App is the perfect vehicle

Copy and print the readings or give your friend direct access to the app

The numerology software application developed by Decoz is a perfect holiday gift


If you haven't already done so, download and install the app on your computer, tablet, or phone**

** NOTE: iPhone/iPad users should purchase from a computer to receive the discount (iTunes does not use promo codes) - then download to your mobile devices to read your free and purchased reports.

The World Numerology App includes 18 numerology reports and charts.


It's easy to purchase readings for yourself or a friend - see instructions below

To give someone a reading or a subscription you must first add them to your app


Click Switch/Add User on your app's home page

Give someone a reading or a subscription but first add them to your app

This opens the Users Page where you can add others and enter their birth data.

Note: Incorrect birth data will produce inaccurate reports. No worries: If you make a mistake in the birth data, you can change it later on your Account page.

After entering birth data you are sent back to the Users Page. Select the person you want to view, then click Reports & Charts on the menu bar. You can now read their free reports or purchase a Primary or Full subscription for them by clicking any grey icon, which will take you to our secure purchase page.

When adding someone to your app, enter their complete birth data.

Use your numerology app to make a reading for someone

Readings are accessible as soon as the transaction is completed and the grey icons for the reports you purchased turn into colored icons. (You may have to close and re-open the app for the changes to take place.)

To create a numerology reading, select the icon and click "Get Report."

To create a reading, just select the icon and click "Get Report."


With the report showing on the monitor, you can scroll and read your reading at your leisure.

If you want to print a report, click inside the window, select all, copy, then paste it into a word document.

In our example we selected the Personality Profile, which is about 30 pages depending on your font selection and other factors.

To gift a subscription, select the edit button next to their name on your Account page and enter their email address and a temporary password.


Tell your friend to download an app to their own device using the email address and password you created. This will give them instant access to their readings.

Tell your friend to download a numerology app to their own device using the email address and password you created.

The World Numerology app is free to download and has free access to your personal 8-page numerology reading; in-app upgrade is optional
Includes your 8-page Personal Numerology Reading and Daily Forecast. Make one for your friends too!


SPECIAL OFFER - $10 off the Full Subscription - pay only $29 (Reg. $39) Use promo code TENOFF

iPhone/iPad users – iTunes doesn't use promo codes. Install the app on a computer or Android to use our promo code. This will also activate your iPhone/iPad version. If you only have an iPhone click here for discount.
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