The Expression number in your numerology chart is derived from your full name at birth; the Expression number is the most import of the three core name numbers in your numerology reading
What is Numerology; with numerologist Hans Decoz

The color numerology chart shows Tom’s full name at birth in the upper left area. Below each letter in his name, you find their numerical values.

The Expression number is shown in the triangle to the right of the full name. In Tom’s case, the Expression is 31/4.

Your individual talents and characteristics are represented by each letter in your name and its corresponding number.

Like a mosaic, these combine to form a totality, a picture that reveals the real you. Your name at birth can be seen as a blueprint of your potential. The key word here is potential.


The Expression number is derived from your full name at birth, meaning your first, middle (if you have one), and last names. Typically, it is the name that appears on your birth certificate.

Occasionally, there are questions about exactly what name is used. A few examples, and how to decide which name to use, are listed below. These examples also apply to the Heart's Desire and Personality numbers.

When clerical errors occur on a birth certificate, if the mistake is accepted by the parents, and form that point onward is the acknowledged name, this name on the birth certificate, with the spelling error, is used to find the Expression number.

If the mistake is not accepted by your parents, and you grow up using the original name given by your parents - ignoring the clerical error - that original name is used to provide the Expression number, as opposed to the name with the error that appears on your birth certificate.



In case of adoption

If you have been adopted, and you have been provided a new name by your adopting parents, use the original name given to you before the adoption.

If you were adopted, and never knew you original name, use the name that is the earliest remembered. However, without the original name, a complete chart may not be possible.



Other names

Names given at confirmation, by a spiritual teacher or guru, or at some other religious ceremony, are not used for the Expression number, but can be used additionally to give further insight into the personality. (See Minor Expression, Minor Heart's Desire later in this chapter.) Even if you have never used your original name, that name still represents the blueprint of your life, and is used to find the Expression number.

If you received more than one middle (or last) name at birth, use all the middle or last names.

Do not use junior, senior, the third, et cetera.



How to Find Your Expression number

The Individual letters of your name are all assigned a specific single-digit number.

Each letter is given a number according to the place it falls in the alphabet: The letter A, being the first letter, is a 1; the letter B is a 2; the C is a 3; D is 4; and so on. Letters that come after the I (the ninth letter of the alphabet) and have double-digits, such as M, the thirteenth letter, are reduced to single digit numbers in the same way as described earlier; that is, by adding the two digits. The letter M therefore becomes a 4.


For the numerology value of each letter, see the listing below.

The numerology value of the letters in a name

To find your Expression number, write out your full name, and place the appropriate numerology value beneath each letter.

Add the numbers of your first name, and then reduce it to a single digit. Do the same for your middle and last names.

Now, add the three single-digit numbers, and reduce them to another single-digit number to find your Expression number. If at any time you encounter a Master number, 11, 22 or 33, do not reduce it to a single-digit number.

Notice that we add the numbers of each unit of the name and reduce to a single digit or Master number. In the case of Tom Cruise, the three numbers are 22, 3, and 6.

We will be using the full name Jonathan Peter Hancock during the audio lectures.



Audio Numerology Lecture; The Expression number 17 Minutes.



The Meaning Of The Expression Numbers


Your Expression number reveals your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or goal of your life. Some numerologists refer to this number as the Destiny, because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming. You work at fulfilling this potential every day of your life. Thus, the Expression number reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be.

The Expression number reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that were with you when you entered your human body. Your name, and the numbers derived from it, reveal your development, as well as the talents and issues you will be working with during this life.


For those for whom reincarnation is an accepted philosophy, the vibration of your full name can be seen as the totality of your personal evolution, the experiences, talents, and wisdom accumulated over many life times. Every experience, no matter how great or small, along this evolutionary path has influenced your development, and brought you to your current state of being.

The Expression is your being; the Life Path is the major lesson you are attempting to learn this time around. Time allows the gradual emergence of your personality. By reading the Expression number below, you will come to understand your basic nature and the abilities and issues inherent in your being.


To learn the meanings of the Expression number - see page 68 in the book
Numerology: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny



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