Numerology: Your Hidden Passion number


Your Hidden Passion reveals specific strengths or talents that are available to you, such as a specific field of expertise or (as the name implies) a passion.  Metaphorically, this talent or passion may be seen as having a power all its own to help shape your life.


Having a talent demands that you nurture and express it. Your Hidden Passion gives you the desire to develop and express your particular ability. In this way, it shapes your personality and guides your life.

Your Hidden Passion is 1

You have a strong drive to stand out. You have a great ambition and desire to accomplish. You are highly competitive and want to be the best and the first in everything you do. You are highly energetic and creative. You are capable of influencing and even dominating others. You have highly developed political skills, and can succumb to manipulation unless your ideals are high.
Ironically, there are times when you lack confidence, especially at an earlier age, but .......

Your Hidden Passion is 2

You are highly considerate, sensitive, and intuitive. You seek peaceful and pleasant environments. You work hard to establish harmony among your peers and co-workers. You work well in groups, often serving as the peacemaker.
You may appear shy and timid and although you like people there is an inner fear, you dislike noise and roughness.
You are committed to your work and perform your job with a high degree of competency, patience, and persistence. You .......

Your Hidden Passion is 3

You are highly social and have a gift for self- expression. You love to entertain and attend parties. You are exceedingly popular, and a good friend.
You are highly talented in one or more of the arts - writing, acting, music, or painting.

You need excitement. When things are dull, you tend to fantasize and sometimes exaggerate. .......

Your Hidden Passion is 4

Systematic and organized, there are few goals out of your reach. You have determination, perseverance and self- discipline.
You are perceived as solid as a rock and just as reliable. Your family and friends have faith in you and your ability to care for them.
You identify with work and are can be very unhappy if you are in a job you do not love. You have a .......

Your Hidden Passion is 5

You love travel, change, and new challenges. You are highly adaptable and versatile. You have a talent for languages, and are generally good with words. Writing, promotion, and public relations work suit you perfectly.
You are sensual and a bit impulsive. You love to satisfy your senses, which can get you into trouble. Overindulgence in food, drink, sex, and drugs are common among people with too many 5s - six or more.
You are .......

Your Hidden Passion is 6

You have a dream to be of service to those you love and your community. You have the ability to be a healer, counselor, or teacher.
You are a highly responsible person, willing to sacrifice much. You must be careful of not becoming a doormat for those who do not appreciate you, or seek to take advantage of you.
You are idealistic and have strong opinions. You also have a tendency to become .......

Your Hidden Passion is 7

You have a highly developed mind and a fine intuition. You are intellectual and deal well with abstract ideas. You like to be alone to contemplate, meditate and study.
You are drawn to the philosophical and metaphysical. Nevertheless, you can be highly skeptical and even cynical of things you cannot prove.
You are a deep thinker with unusual understanding and insight. You do not like to waste time on trivial and petty matters.
You are a specialist and a perfectionist. You come up with .......

Your Hidden Passion is 8

Success and material reward are important motivations for your actions. You believe in effort and are very goal-oriented. You can dominate and impress others with your vision and common business sense. You are a born manager and organizer, your subordinates usually like you. Leadership and authority are obvious, but it is wise not to be to forceful, demanding and dominant. You are a good judge of character with an .......

Your Hidden Passion is 9

Warm, generous and compassionate, you would do well and be quite happy in any undertaking that not only supplies you with a decent living but also is for the good of all. You are artistic, the nine is responsible for many of our creative geniuses, however these talents are often suppressed, sometimes coming to the surface at middle or old age. You have a strong desire for insight and universal knowledge. You are .......

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