Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self

by Hans Decoz

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The best selling Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, by Hans Decoz.


Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, is a best-selling numerology book by Hans Decoz first published by Avery Publishing in 1994 and currently offered by Penguin Putnam. It was co-authored with Tom Monte.

The book was translated in several languaes, including Dutch, Russian, German, and Mandarin. A Japanese version is scheduled for publication in 2019.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
January 2, 2014 Format: Paperback - Verified Purchase

Easily The Most In-Depth and Revealing Numerology Book


This book is easily the best text on Numerology you can buy today. Not only is it very well-written, but Hans Decoz does not baby readers and stop the Numerological process early like so many of the other books out there. The author takes us through a more in-depth and fascinating approach to discovering the numbers that influence every facet of one's life. You will be able to analyze yourself and others very deeply. This book reveals and explains everything, from one's biggest purposes and challenges in life to the smallest prevalent quirks and tendencies in one's personality.

If you are looking for a book that is easy to read, explains the processes of Numerology well, and takes you into a deeper scrutiny of yourself and your journey through this life, you really MUST buy this book.

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by Hans Decoz


A unique perspective on Life.


A unique perspective on the subject of Life.

When it comes to the subject of Life, we seem to have a blind spot.


Throughout the ages, the question of what Life is has been asked and answered a thousand times and invariably both the question and the answer center on Life’s attributes: what it does, where it came from, what created it, what its meaning is... What you won't find is the answer telling you what Life is.

We seem unable to consider Life as a presence in and of itself, independent from life forms and outside the context of alive versus dead.

When you die everything that was enclosed by your skin is still there, except Life. Life has left you. But what is that thing called Life? What is it made of?

Does Life have particles? If it did, wouldn’t science have found them by now? Is it energy? If it is, wouldn’t scientists be manipulating it? Why have we not been able to capture or isolate it?

What Life Is; Dancing on the Edge of Eternity, is not an intellectual or philosophical argument, nor does it promote a religious platform. It touches the subject of Life unlike any other text, exploring the most essential question we can ask. The answer it offers is life-changing and may surprise you.

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a fish made of water

A novel by Hans Decoz


Part fiction, part autobiography


A unique perspective on the subject of Life.

A Fish Made of Water follows Johan, an abused child and suicidal heroin addict born and raised in Amsterdam, from the black hole of addiction to the edge of enlightenment with the help of Daenko, an eccentric Physicist living in an abandoned bakery.

Daenko's mysterious poems and unusual explanations of the cosmos and evolution, awaken in Johan a new appreciation for life. Guided by Daenko's stories, Johan's childhood quest for the Holy Grail is revived. When Daenko's true identity is finally revealed, the story turns on its head, exposing not only the real Daenko, but also the real Johan. It is at this point that Johan's quest for the Holy Grail takes a different turn, and is satisfied in a surprising turn of events.

Greene Earth
5.0 out of 5 stars
March 9, 2015, Format: Paperback - Verified Purchase

I'm amazed at the life Hans Decoz lived (and survived) to ...


What an adventure! I'm amazed at the life Hans Decoz lived (and survived) to ultimately find his spiritual awakening. The story is part auto- biography, part fiction. The events of the story and the depth of the insights kept me turning the pages, eager to find out what would happen next. Mr. Decoz' voice is strong and sure, the characters memorable. A deep, and also entertaining book that I highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars
June 28, 2017, Format: Paperback - Verified Purchase

This was such an interesting albeit intense read and I just could NOT put it down. I had no idea it was mostly auto-biographical when I first got it. Incredibly powerful story of pulling himself out from very difficult circumstances that is sure to be inspirational to many!

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