Numerology Birth Day Card 27: THE PEOPLE'S SPIRIT!

You were meant to guide others


Your Birth Day number is one of five core numbers in your numerology reading

You are a born politician, but can feel equally at home guiding others in areas such as religion or law. An unusually good balance between intuition and reason make you a person with uncommon insight and understanding – often quite original and well outside the norm. You have an excellent understanding of people and are quite creative.

Numerology Birthday Card - day 27 - by Hans Decoz; you are a born politician, but can feel equally at home guiding others in areas such as religion or law.

You are tolerant, and you value freedom of expression, as well as freedom of life style, religion, and other areas. People born on the 27th tend to choose either art, or some form of service to mankind, as their profession. You are creative, and could potentially become a successful artist, but you may need to take your time. You are a bit of a late-bloomer. You need exposure to many different types of people before you find the area in which you will specialize. This is also the reason many change careers more than once.

You are a humanitarian and want to improve the conditions of people, whether they are in your community, state, country, or the world at large. Your true satisfaction is in performing some task that will benefit others.

You can relate to people in all walks of life and devote a fair amount of time to traveling.

You are able to express yourself well, though a bit dramatically at times. Under normal conditions, you have a calm and even aristocratic appearance. However, there are times when you experience a sense of frustration with not having received your due in life, whether real or perceived. You need to guard against an inaccurate sense of self-worth - sometimes underestimating, other times overestimating yourself. You need to employ your spiritual and philosophical outlook in all matters in which, at times, it may appear that the balance has been struck against you.

There is an element of sacrifice in your life - a need to surrender your own desires in favor of the common good. You attract money from all work that is service oriented. The more you do for others, the more you receive - - spiritually and materially - in return.


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