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Using Numerology to analyze words in the English language is an excellent way to get an intuitive and in-depth understanding of the personalities of numbers. Like reverse engineering, we learn what something is made of by taking the end product and studying its parts.

For example, the number 6 is considered the most loving, protective and harmonious of all numbers. To understand how that influences our language, one only needs to look at the fact that the letter "O" is found as the first vowel in many words that represent those qualities in some form or another. Words like "love," "home," "roof," "mother," "house," "food," "book," "dog," "God," and so forth.

Recurring letters - numerology's perspective

Another example of how a language evolves in synchronicity with the essential nature of a people is to look at the most common vowel in their language's alphabet. In the Germanic languages (English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, etc.) the "E" is the most commonly found vowel. This reflects the Germanic people's obsession with freedom (look, two Es in "freedom"), as the number 5, the numerical value of the letter "E," is all about freedom. On the other hand, the most common vowel found in the Roman languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) is the letter "A," which demonstrates that the people in those countries consider individualism and independence -- the main attributes of the number 1, the numerical value of the letter "A" -- to be the most essential in their lives.

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