The World Numerology Collection is a downloadable app

The World Numerology Collection

First released in 2016, this app installs on your desktop or mobile device and includes 18 different readings.

Numerology App for PC-Windows by Decoz All-Access Numerology app for MAC Numerology App for Android by Decoz Numerology App for iPhone by Decoz Numerology App for iPad by Decoz

The new All-Access app is a web application The new All-Access app

This is our new web application you access by logging in at It has more features than the World Numerology Collection.

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If you already have our World Numerology Collection you can use the same logins for the All-Access app.



The New All-Access app

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View, save, download, or print all your readings in PDF

Access from Any Device

View, save, download, or print all your readings in PDF

Add up to 25 users

All Your Readings in One Place

Clicking a round icon will produce a reading.

Selecting a round icon will instantly create the reading and display it in the app's viewing window.

Your Readings Are Saved In PDF

click the red view in PDF button to read their reading in PDF format

Click the arrows in the top right corner to view your reading on a full screen and in PDF.

Get Single Readings Instead of a Subscription

Select Single Readings to buy a reading for a friend.

The main menu bar gives you access to a range of single readings for yourself or if you want to gift a friend a reading.

A subscription is NOT required to purchase single reports at All-Access discount prices.

Saved Birth Data

Fill out the birth data

If you have done a reading for someone before, their birth data is saved and all you have to do is select it from the drop-down.

Add, Edit, or Delete Friends

Enter the names of your friends in this list and you don't have to type them again.

Selecting Friends in the main menu bar, gives you access to your Friends list where the birthdata is saved.

Saved Readings

All your reports are automatically saved under Saved Readings

Your readings are automatically stored under Saved Readings as PDF files.

From there, you can download, view, print, or delete them. They never expire.

Add Up To 25 Users

You can add up to 25 users to your app and view their free readings.

You can add other users to your app and view their free 8-page reading, daily forecasts, or other free insights.

You can also purchase subscriptions for them.

Manage Users

Select a user to edit their data or renew a subscription

Selecting Switch User in the top menu bar and clicking the settings icon lets you manage autorenew, or edit or delete them as users.

Two yearly subscription options



Registration is free.

If you already have our previous app you don't have to register, you can use the same logins.

Click here to register for the new World Numerology app