Family Tree Numerology and Other Odds and Ends

Family Tree Numerology is also called Ancestral Influences

FAMILY TREE NUMEROLOGY - Also called Ancestral Influences


Your last name represents a strong connection you have with your ancestors, as well as a similar spiritual path. However, you also have connections with the last names of ancestors on your mother's side - they are ingrained in your numerological DNA, so to speak.


Remember that your Spiritual Transit is taken from your last name. In other words, when you have your last name in common with others, your spiritual path also develops along similar lines. However, the level and intensity of spiritual experiences is personal and cannot be compared with that of someone else - what you have in common is a more general approach to spiritual experiences.


For example, our friend Thomas John Hancock (a name/example we have used in other sections on this site), and his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on, are all identified by the name Hancock.

Therefore, each of them had an "O" Spiritual Transit from age seventeen through twenty-two, forty-five through fifty, and seventy-three through seventy-eight.

During those times in their lives, they experienced their spiritual experiences in an emotional way; they were connected to the recognition of beauty, and to the responsibility towards family and community; they had a desire to paint or to otherwise express their feelings; and they had warm, nurturing human relationships. How strong and intensely each of them experienced this probably varied widely.


Your last name reveals other generic aspects. Contemplate and study your name closely. Does the name have a certain letter or number represented more than once? How does the name read if you look at each number?

The name Hancock reads as follows: An 8, 1, 5, 3, 6, 3, and 2, which total to 28, reduce to 10, and further reduce to 1.

The family line on the father's side will likely show a number of financially capable (8 Cornerstone) people, many of whom own their own businesses (1 and 8, as well as two 3's), probably promoting or selling something, and relying heavily on their verbal abilities and sense of humor (3 and 5).

Family and responsibility (6 as second vowel) were also a priority. They were often quite aware of the needs and emotional status of others (2, actually an 11, since the K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet).

Among his ancestors, Tom Hancock may discover some pirates, or otherwise social outcasts, as well, because the name reveals a considerable amount of adventuresome (1 and 5), and a lack of conventionality (1, 5, and 3).

One thing almost all of them had in common was the desire to do their own thing (the sum of 1, and the letters with values of 8, 3, 5, and 1).

Once you have a good understanding of the numbers, you will enjoy meditating on the name(s) that identified, in different times through history, your ancestors.


For women, it is particularly interesting to note the custom of taking on the husband's last name, and the influence such a sacrifice has on a woman's personal experiences. She - quite literally - surrenders a part of her own identity and her own Spiritual path to that of the husband. Often, this has a good effect on the relationship. However, when a woman divorces her husband, she should consider returning to her maiden name in order to recoup that part of her personal identity she sacrificed for the marriage.



Audio Numerology Lecture; The Ancestral Influences. 7 Minutes.




The numbers in your environment give indications that should not be ignored. Understanding their meaning and their purpose can help you to move along the path of life smoothly, and with less anxiety.

Your house address foretells the kind of events and experiences, both positive and negative, that you will likely encounter during your stay in that house.

As I explained elsewhere on this site, all numbers have a front and a back, a light side and a dark side. No one number is better than another, although you may want to avoid house numbers or home addresses that reduce to a Karmic Debt number, such as 13, 14, 16, and 19. (See Karmic Debt Numbers for more about this subject.)

A house with a Karmic Debt number will attract the attributes of that number to the people who inhabit it. You would welcome a house that carries a Karmic Debt only if you are consciously and willingly looking for a breakdown of the old you and are aspiring to a path of deep soul-searching (16), or you feel a need to be alone and learn to find the strength inside of you to deal with life's challenges without the help and support of others (19).

You should judge a number to be desirable only in relation to your personal needs and hopes.


Similarly, your telephone number gives an indication of the contacts and communications that are channeled through this number.

The area code negligible, the influence of the precinct should be considered, however, most influential are the last four digits of your telephone number, because they are yours, and yours alone.

To understand your house or telephone number, you need to look at the single digit sum of the complete number, as well any "hidden" numbers, such as the double digit numbers behind it.

First, add the digits together and reduce them to a single-digit number.

When you consider moving into a house that is very much to your liking, I would not recommend passing it up just because the numbers do no add up to your personal favorites. If, however, the house number is unacceptable to you, it may be possible to have a different number assigned to the house.



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