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Most of us just want to make a decent living offering personal numerology consultations. Unfortunately, while not impossible, it is extremely difficult.

Another option is to sell numerology readings by way of a website, or otherwise.

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If you do plan to start a numerology business, here are some pointers.


Did you know that almost every business gets 80 percent of their revenues from 10 percent of their customers? Building a database of customers is an important part of marketing numerology readings.

You may have purchased our numerology software in order to make some extra money, perhaps even a full-time income or to add numerology readings and software to your current line of products. Whether through advertising, direct mail, the Internet, or by visiting psychic fairs, the opportunities are there.


I have tried every one of those avenues and found success through trial and error.

Below you will learn about the different marketing avenues we tried. Today, we are focused almost exclusively on the internet, but let's look at other options:

Psychic Fairs, New Age Expos, demonstrations in Health Food Stores and New Age Bookstores.

Offering numerology readings at Psychic Fairs, new Age Expos, and other shows requiring an investment in booth or table cost are basically a crap shoot. Some are good, some are not so good. In 6 years of participating in approximately 30 to 40 shows a year, I have lost money in only 3 shows when based on booth cost and materials alone.

However, when I include the cost of travel etc. I lost money on about one-third of the shows. Advice: don't go to shows requiring considerable travel and other expenses unless you are pretty sure your sales will be at least 3x your total investment.

On the other hand: the chance of loosing money on a psychic fair in your area -- not requiring any travel expenses -- is small.

Keep in mind, after participating in a show where, for example, you talked to 200 people and sold 40 numerology readings, you will get some residual sales and referrals as well. Going to shows is an excellent way to build up a database of customers for your numerology business.

When you decide to participate in a show, whether it is a small local fair or a large New Life Expo, make sure your booth or table is dressed up nicely: with lights, a banner or two, some signs, a nice table cloth, a few books and sample reports, and so forth. Anything to make your booth attractive. Think of it as your living room. You want visitors to be comfortable and to feel welcome.


Talk to your visitors. Be social and upbeat. Have the necessary equipment to make personal numerology readings on the spot. Customers don't mind coming back half an hour later to pick up their report. A promise to ship the reading in the mail will not be an incentive to buy.

Offer discounts. Never just sit and stare. Even at slow times -- and every show has slow periods -- act busy, excited, approachable and happy. Have plenty of flyers and business cards on the table. You will get calls and orders even long after the show is over.

List your numerology products and prices on a sign and on order forms. Many people simply don't like to talk. They just want to sniff around without being bothered.

The advantages of going to shows to offer your numerology readings, especially when travel expenses are minimal, is that besides the money you make on the spot, you increase your customer database quickly. Many people who may not buy on the spot will take a brochure and call in an order later. In addition, the referral and reorder rate is high. For every 100 readings you sell at shows you could receive anywhere from 20 to 40 readings in the next 6 months.

The disadvantages are that when travel expenses are high you can easily loose money. It is also much harder work than most people expect.

You will increase your sales by sending a simple thank you card to each customer within 2 to 4 weeks after purchasing a numerology reading. Ask if they enjoyed their readings and offer a discount for ordering two or more numerology readings for their family or friends. This is an in-expensive but lucrative way of maintaining customer contact.

Note: This was written in 1998 and things have changed since then.



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