Transit and Essence Cycles


Your name can be viewed as a piece of music that vibrates in time.

Your life, therefore, can be visualized as a musical score, with the individual letters making specific contributions at given points, just as notes in a musical piece are played at specific moments to give a piece of music its rhythm, character, and nuance. Each note or letter has a specific duration and influence over your life during a specific period of time.


Numerology's Transits & Essence cycles reflect your personal, internal changes and influences


The Transits and Essence cycles are the only cycles in your numerology chart that are based on your name

Numerology's Transits and Essence cycles occupy the bottom rows of the upper part of the wave in your numerology chart, and are the only cycles based on your name

How to Find The Transits In Your Numerology Chart


Transits are found among the individual letters of your name, and are used in conjunction with the Essence Chart to provide additional information about your year ahead.

The Transits are derived from the letters of your first, middle, and last names. Each name provides information on a particular level of your consciousness: the physical, mental, and spiritual. The Physical Transit is derived from your first name; the Mental Transit from your middle name; and the Spiritual Transit from your last name. For those who do not have a middle name, the last name provides the Transit information for both the Mental and the Spiritual.

For those who have more than one middle name, the middle names should be strung together into one long name. If you received more than one last name, string the last names together into one long last name.


Each letter of the name lasts for as long as the value of that letter.

Let’s use Tom Cruise’s chart as an example. His first name, Thomas, is used to find his Physical Transits. Starting at birth, the T in Thomas’s name has a value of 2, and therefore lasts for two years. The H follows that two-year period with a numerological value of 8, which will last for 8 years. The letter O has a value of 6 and lasts for the next 6 years, and so forth.

When you add the numerology value of each of the letters in the name Thomas, you find that Thomas has a full numerological value of 22, and therefore lasts for twenty-two years, at which time the name’s influence will return to the T and go through the letters again.

For the Mental Transit, we use the name Cruise. For the Spiritual Transit, we use the last name Mapother.

As mentioned earlier, the top row of the wave contains the individual’s age. Below the age, we find the Physical Transit. Below that the Mental Transit, and then the Spiritual Transit.

NOTE: The main graphic above shows the updated chart system (included in the World Numerology App). This course was written some time ago and used Tom's chart starting age 20.

In this illustration, we see that we started the chart at age 20, at which age Tom has an “A” Physical Transit, an “I” Mental Transit, and an “H” Spiritual Transit. The letter A has a value of 1 and therefore lasts only 1 year. The letter I has a value of 9, so Tom must have entered this particular Mental Transit five years before age 20. The H has a value of 8 and will therefore occupy his Spiritual Transit slot for 8 years.

Numerology chart Essence calculation



The Essence cycle number is the combined total of the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Transits that are influencing you during a particular year of your life. The two bottom rows in the upper wave of the numerology chart are dedicated to the double-digit and single-digit Essence numbers. (Essence cycles are very important, so it is good practice to be aware of the double-digit number if there is one.)

The Essence cycles are shown on 5th and 6th row. The 5th row shows the double-digit sum of the Transits. The Essence cycle also shows in the wheel in the numerology chart.

Audio Numerology Lecture; The Transits and Essence cycles. 16 Minutes.


Numerology; the yearly cycle wheel showing the Essence number in the outer ring.

The current year’s Essence Cycle also appears in the outer ring of the first “wagon wheel.” The next two wagon wheels show the Essence cycles for next year and the year after that. Notice that in the case of 2003, the year starts for Tom with a 4 Essence, and, after July (notice the mark at the July level) the Essence again is 4. It is quite common to repeat Transit and Essence cycles.



The Essence cycle is the sum of the Transit Cycles for that year. In Tom’s case, age 20 shows the following Transits: the A (value =1), the I (value = 9), and the H (value = 8). Adding the Transits together, we come to 18, which reduces to 9. I like to see both the double-digit number and the single digit number to which it reduces, because I consider the Essence Cycle very important. It also makes it possible to quickly see if Master numbers or Karmic Debt numbers are at play. In Tom’s case, we see that during the ages 22 and 23 Tom was influenced by the 19 Karmic Debt number.



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