Numerology Forecast for Sun Number 1; September 2018, by Master Numerologist Hans Decoz





September 2018:
for Sun Number 8

Your Personal Year Cycle for 2018 is 1, and Your Personal Month Cycle for September is also 1.


You experience an increases in inner strength, independence, and individuality during this month. There is a sense of empowerment. Chances are your health improves, and you are more focused and direct. You are certainly more ambitious and readier to pursue your goals. It may even feel a little like the dawn of a new era.

However, there is also a less fortunate side to this double 1 cycle in the form of lacking patience, irritability, and in some people even moments of violence and aggression. The energy you are experiencing when the 1 dominates to this extent is bundled, like a flashlight as opposed to an omni-directional light. For that reason, many things seem amplified. It is important that you maintain control and keep a close eye on your attitude. Even the gentlest among us tend to be rude or angry a few times under this influence.

Relationship issues should be avoided. As you may have guessed, you are not in the best mood to deal with other people's emotions.

September is a good time to bring about practical changes that you have long contemplated as essential to your health and happiness. This combination inspires smokers to quit, others to modify their diets or start an exercise routine. You are able to muster up great will-power, so take advantage of that.

Direct this month' energy towards your career or your business. Use that drive and ambition to make progress. But leave that kind of energy at your office, don't take it home with you.

This forecast is a small part of the full Yearly & Monthly Forecast, which also includes Transits, Essence cycles, Personal Year & Month cycles, and Dualities (Dualities are unique to Decoz and not found in any other forecast).

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Did you know your Sun Number is always the same as your First Pinnacle cycle?

Both, your First Pinnacle and your Sun Number are based on the sum of your month and day of birth. Your First Pinnacle ends around your early thirties when you enter your Second Pinnacle. This transition is usually strongly felt and takes about two years, during which you will likely make life-altering decisions, such as marriage, a job or career change, or major changes in your personal makeup. Here's what your First Pinnacle means:

If Your Sun Number is 8, Your First Pinnacle cycle number is also 8


Under the influences of this Pinnacle, you will have greatly enhanced talent for dealing successfully with business and finances. This is a time of material growth, a time of expansion and reward. It is the cycle of harvest. The 8 Pinnacle also increases your personal power. You have sound judgment and vision. In fact, this is the basis of your financial success.

People sense your power and effectiveness. They defer to you much more easily, and look to you for answers. This makes it easier for you to use power without having to be a bully or force your way through situations. They perceive your able-ness and want to join you in your vision. Others have faith in you.

You will be able to organize large enterprises. Problems do not threaten you so much as provide a challenge.


A more in-depth and detailed description of your First Pinnacle can be found in the Personality Profile that is included in our World Numerology App



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