The World Numerology App delivers instant access to your 8-page Personal Reading (see below), 3 Chart Calculators, and your Daily Forecast (up to 3 months ahead). Make them for your friends too – all free.

The app also includes 15 numerology readings for purchase, offering insight into your relationships, yearly and monthly forecasts, inner reflection readings that detect your state of mind and emotions, talents and career opportunities, the bridge between your spritual and physical bodies (the Diamond Spirit report), how you compare to your ancestors, name and business analyzers, decoding the numbers around you – and your lucky numbers.

The World Numerology app comes with a free numerology reading and three free Chart Calculators



If you are considering purchasing a numerology reading, you may want compare World Numerology's Personality Profile and Future Forecast numerology reading with Numerology dot com's Deluxe Numerology Report



Your free personal reading describes the important core numbers that influence your personality, talents, likes and dislikes, and the “inner” you. Unique to Decoz readings, this section also explains the way your numbers (and traits) affect each other.

The reading continues with your Expression number, outlining your talents and outlook (which affect the direction of your life). Your Heart’s Desire number tells us what you hold most valuable and why you choose the things you do. Your Personality number describes the way you appear to other people – the part you allow them to see.


Your free Personal Numerology Reading is the first part of our 40-page Personality Profile.

Scroll through the sample reading below.

Free Numerology Reading included in our World Numerology app, as well as three chart calculators



The free Proportional Numerology Chart is a recent addition.

The new proportional numerology chart, developed by Hans Decoz

The Proportional Chart tells you to what extent each of the single-digit numbers is represented in your personal numerology chart. Most of us know what "our number" is and refer to it as our Life Path number. Although this number is indeed the most important number in your chart, it may not be the most powerful number. Another number may actually be more influential in your personal numerology than your Life Path.

The proportional numerology chart is also the foundation for your Talent Profile, which rates and compares your creative and productive side.

My favorite free numerology chart is the Decoz Color Chart

This numerology chart system was developed by Hans Decoz in the early 80's, and is a free feature of our single-user numerology software

Hans Decoz developed this unique charting system in the early 80’s as a way to lay out a complex chart - including almost 50 years of cycles on a single page. He found the usual method of charting - scribbling calculations on a yellow pad - clumsy and fallible. The ability to oversee the chart as a whole transformed the process. This charting system continues to be used by professional numerologists worldwide.


Free Numerology Chart Calculator

If you have ever tried to do your own chart you know how challenging it can be – so Hans did it for you. This numerology calculator lists every number in your chart, including many not found anywhere else. The app creates the free chart for you, but if you are interested in learning the steps to create them yourself check out our free "do it yourself" tutorial here – and audio course here


Scroll through the sample numerology chart below

The Numerology Chart Calculator simply lists all your numbers - quick and efficient, and free in the World Numerology app


Includes your 8-page Personal Reading and Daily Forecast.
Make one for your friends too!


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