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Paul McCartney 

This chart was calculated with the Decoz Numerology Master program version 8.0

Name:                                               Paul McCartney 
Born:                                                           6/18/1942 
Full name at birth:                James Paul McCartney 

Life Path Number:                                                22/4 
Birthday Number:                                                    18 
Expression Number:                                            11/2 
Minor Expression Number:                                       8 
Heart's Desire Number:                                       16/7 
Minor Heart's Desire Number:                             10/1 
Personality Number:                                            13/4 
Maturity Number:                                                      6 
Life Path / Expression Bridge Number:                    2 
Heart's Desire / Personality Bridge Number:           3 
Karmic Lesson Number(s):                                    6 8 
Hidden Passion Number(s):                                     1 
Planes of Expression: 
Physical Number:                                                      9 
Mental Number:                                                    19/1 
Emotional Number:                                               12/3 
Intuitive Number:                                                  16/7 
Balance Number:                                                      3 
Rational Thought Number:                                  30/3 
Cornerstone Letter:                                                   J 
Subconscious Self Number:                                     7 
First  Challenge Number:                                         3 
Second Challenge Number:                                     2 
Third  Challenge Number:                                        1 
Fourth Challenge Number:                                       1 
First  Pinnacle Cycle (from birth to age 32):             6 
Second Pinnacle Cycle (from age 33 to 41):           7 
Third  Pinnacle Cycle (from age 42 to 50):              4 
Fourth Pinnacle Cycle (from age 51 to 59):             4 
First  Period Cycle (from birth to age 32):                6 
Second Period Cycle (from age 33 to 59):               9 
Third  Period Cycle (from age 60 on):                      7 
Physical Transit                                                       M 
Mental Transit                                                          P 
Spiritual Transit                                                        Y 
Essence Cycle                                                     18/9 

For 2017, Paul's yearly and monthly cycles are: 
Personal Year Cycle:                                                7 
Personal Month Cycles: 
January                                                                     8
February                                                                   9
March                                                                        1
April                                                                           2
May                                                                           3
June                                                                          4
July                                                                            5
August                                                                       6
September                                                                7
October                                                                     8
November                                                                 9
December                                                                 1
At age 76, Paul's Transits and Essence cycle are: 
Physical Transit                                                       M 
Mental Transit                                                          P 
Spiritual Transit                                                        Y 
Essence Cycle                                                     18/9 

For 2018, Paul's yearly and monthly cycles are: 
Personal Year Cycle:                                                8 
Personal Month Cycles: 
January                                                                     9
February                                                                   1
March                                                                        2
April                                                                           3
May                                                                           4
June                                                                          5
July                                                                            6
August                                                                       7
September                                                                8
October                                                                     9
November                                                                 1
December                                                                 2
At age 77, Paul's Transits and Essence cycle are: 
Physical Transit                                                       M 
Mental Transit                                                          A 
Spiritual Transit                                                        Y 
Essence Cycle                                                     12/3 

For 2019, Paul's yearly and monthly cycles are: 
Personal Year Cycle:                                                9 
Personal Month Cycles: 
January                                                                     1
February                                                                   2
March                                                                        3
April                                                                           4
May                                                                           5
June                                                                          6
July                                                                            7
August                                                                       8
September                                                                9
October                                                                     1
November                                                                 2
December                                                                 3

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