Turning numerology topics on and off


The Topics dialog box allows you to turn each topic on or off individually, to control and design a numerology reading


The buttons A, B, C, and D (preset):

  • A - Short Profile. This is a short version personal Numerology Reading only. Does not include a forecast and contains only the 10 or 12 most important topics of the personality chart.

  • B - Full Profile. This produces a report with the complete Personality Profile (about 22/23 pages), but does not include any forecasts.

  • C - Forecast Only. Creates a numerology forecast containing all the cycles except the daily cycles. This reading would be about 20 pages for one year.

  • D - Day by Day Forecast. Includes only the daily cycles. Including this option increases the size of the reading to about 150/170 pages.



Set-able buttons:

These 4 buttons, E, F, G, and H, can be set by the user of the numerology software based on personal preferences. For example, you can select a number of topics to be on or off, then click button E, then click the Set button next to it, and from now on, whenever you want to produce a numerology reading based on the topics you selected, all you have to do is click the E button.

Decoz topics dialog button for professional numerology software



All On and All Off buttons :

These buttons turn all topics on or off. It can be a time saver because you don't have to run through the check boxes of every topic to turn them on or off.


Dialog boxes

Preference Settings

Select Topics and Chapters

Selecting and Setting Cycles

Other Dialog Boxes



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