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Every numerology software program consists of two main parts


the chart calculator and the data base of text files

  • The chart calculator is important and must contain the proper algorithms
  • The database of text files is the real “meat and bones” of the program


Simply put: The more complete and extensive this database, the more accurate and specific the readings will be


To cover every number and every possible number combination in as much depth as possible, each aspect must be handled on it's own merits. While a certain degree of compatibility between numbers exists naturally, the same text should never be made to apply to more than one number in a chart.

Decoz Numerology Master Program is the only one of its kind that doesn't use the same text for more than one aspect of a numerology chart





The database in our Personality Profile & Forecast programs is many times larger than that of our nearest competitor and has been expanded and improved for more than 30 years. As a result, our readings are more personal and in-depth, and never share texts among similar numbers.

All other numerology programs, bar none, apply the same text description to similar in different locations. This "sharing" of text files makes reading general, and often inaccurate.

For example, other programs apply the exact same description to a 9 Heart's Desire, 9 Personality, and 9 Expression. However, if you are familiar with numerology, you know that a number found in one area of the chart does not affect a person the same way it does when found in another area of the chart. The 9 Personality is experienced very differently than a 9 Heart’s Desire, or a 9 Expression.

More facts:


  • Several important aspects, such as Bridge Numbers, the Balance Number, Subconscious Self, Minor core numbers, and others, are found only in Decoz software

  • Our flagship program, the Personal Profile & Forecast software, includes Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Forecasting Cycles

  • Each software program analyzes not only the full name at birth, but also the influence derived from the name your client uses today, including nicknames

  • Our software is compatible with the systems used by such authors as Kevin Quinn Avery, Juno Jordan, Florence Campbell, and most other western numerologists



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