Numerology and the Diamond Spirit guide


The Diamond Spirit is the most complex tool in your numerology chart and requires intuition and logic.





The diamond is one of the most powerfool tools.


The Diamond Spirit Guide is similar to the I Ching, in that it reveals the interaction between your spiritual and your physical body.


Your Name.

Each letter in your name represents certain influences during a particular time in your life, as revealed in your Transit and Essence cycles. The calculation methods used to determine the duration of the Transit and Essence cycles are different from those used in the Diamond.

The Diamond Spirit looks at the first nine letters of your full name at birth and devotes nine years to each letter. This means, that when you reach the ninth letter of your name, you will be 81 years of age.

How numerology uses the Diamond Spirit.

The Diamond divides 81 years of your life in 36 time periods, each of which is presented in a 4-corner configuration - a kind of mini-diamond - within the Diamond Spirit. In addition, while each of these time periods affects us for 18 years (overlapping in four and a half year segments) the dominating influence of each of these mini-diamonds moves to the foreground for only one year. However, it sometimes repeats itself two or three times, usually spaced a few years apart.

The lower half of the chart shows the circumstances and influences you will experience on the material plane. There are always three numbers involved during any period of your life. They are found in a downward pointed triangle, where the number in the left corner is called the Root and indicates the origin or cause of certain events, the number on the right is called the Action Key and reveals your best response to deal with the demands of your Root, while the number centered below the Root and Action Key is called the Outcome, and represents the likely result.

The top half of the chart reflects your spiritual body. Each number reflects a Challenge or Spiritual Quest and is connected to the Root, Action Key, and Outcome as described above, for the same age period.

The concept behind the Challenges in the top half of the Diamond is that your Spiritual body requires nutrients just like your physical body does. However, the nutrients needed by your Spiritual body are in the form of experiences, feelings, intellectual realizations, and so forth.

The Root, Action Key, and Outcome found in the lower half of the Diamond are designed to meet the "nutritional requirements" of your Spiritual body.

The most important thing to understand:

The most important thing to understand is that the Diamond Spirit, although based on YOUR name and specific only to YOU, doesn't have anything to do with your talents, abilities, shortcomings, strengths, or other character traits.

Instead, the Diamond Spirit shows the underlying forces that deliver certain experiences on the material plane (which includes your physical, your mental, your emotional, and your intuitive planes). These experiences are "the nutrients" for your Spiritual body and help you progress on the spiritual plane.

The experiences as described by the Root, Action Key, and Outcome, are not specific events but reveal the hidden forces at work. For example, the Root may tell us that "you experience a lack of stability. You often find yourself in unexpected and rather chaotic circumstances." This lack of stability may be experienced in a number of different ways. Your personal forecast as produced with the individual readings done with the ForecasterPlus or DecozProPlus software, will tell you more about the way in which this lack of stability is delivered. The Diamond Spirit, however, explains the REAL reasons you go through these experiences.

This is why the Diamond Spirit has much in common with other techniques that focus less on specific events, and more on the somewhat veiled, and certainly mysterious, interaction between the material and the spiritual body.

Calculating the chart.

In the center bar of the Diamond as shown in the charts done with our ColorChartMaker software (but not the charts shown in readings done with the Diamond software), you will notice the numbers 0, 9, 18, 27, and so forth, ending with 81. These numbers represent your ages in 9-year leaps.

Place the first letter of your first name (of your full name at birth) centered below the 0 and the 9, the second letter centered underneath the 9 and the 18, the third letter centered under 18 and 27, and so forth.

Write the numerology value of each letter below the corresponding letter.

Next, add the first two values of the first two letters, reduce to a single digit, and place the result centered below the first two numbers. Do the same with the numbers in the second and third place, again with the numbers in the third and fourth place, and so forth. If, during your calculations, you encounter a Master number (11, 22, 33) or a Karmic Debt number (13, 14, 16, 19) you will want to note the double-digit number as well as the single-digit number.

To calculate the top part of the Diamond, we deduct adjacent numbers, and continue to do so until we reach the top of the Diamond. To make it easier, you can place the value of the letters above the letters and corresponding age, just like you did earlier when you placed them underneath.

To find the lesson for a certain age, a use the illustration below as follows:

Locate the age in the top half of the drawing as near as possible to the particular year you are concerned with.

To find the Root, Action Key, and Outcome, locate the triangles in place during the age-period you are concerned with, in the lower half of the diamond.

For example, let's say you are concerned with the period around your 22nd year of age.

The Diamond in numerology.

Referring to the illustration above, locate age 22 in the top half of the Diamond. You will find that the triangles listing ages 21-24, 14-22 and 18-26 all apply to age 22. The triangle 14-22 has the number 2 directly above it. This means that the lessons inherit to the number 2 have been an issue for at least 8 years. But our friend is leaving this triangle behind. He is almost finished with this age-period.

The triangle 18-26 covers a larger period and has the number 1 at the tip. This tells us that the lessons of the number 1 will have to be dealt with during those years.

However, most important is the triangle covering the age-period 21-24. It narrows the period down to a few years, with the age we are particularly concerned with in the center. The number 2 is found at the tip, and makes that the Challenge for age 22.

As you will notice, the top half of The Diamond most often deals with the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. This is, of course, not a coincidence.

The Challenges represented by the lower numbers are the most important and most often found Challenges.

In the lower half of The Diamond, we find that age 22 is included in three triangles: 14-22, 18-26 and 21-24. Triangle 14-22 should be analyzed to get an idea of the path leading up to the period we are interested in.

Triangle 18-26 gives us some important background information - it is a larger picture. However, triangle 21-24 is most revealing. It narrows the age-period down to a relatively short time, and the age we are most concerned with is in smack in the middle.

In the top half of The Diamond, we are concerned only with the number at the tip of the triangle. In the lower half of The Diamond, we look at three numbers. In our example they are: 3 (the origin or cause), 16/7 (the process or path), and 1 (where you are heading -- the likely result).





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