Numerology Chart Lay-out, part 2

Birth date part of the numerology chart

All numbers based on your date of birth reflect the momentum of your life; the direction you are going, the timing of events and influences, and the cycles, and so forth.

This section shows the lay-out of the Planes of Expression, the Subconscious Self, the Key, the Cornerstone, and the Capstone in the numerology chart. A Personal Year, Personal Month, and Essence cycle chart is also shown (the wheel).  

The location and details of the Personal Year part of the numerology chart

The Wave, the progressive part of the numerology chart

The wave consists of two parts. The top part, lists Age, Transits, Essence, and Period cycles. All run from birth day to birth day.
The lower part shows those cycles that run concurrent with the calendar years.

Each vertical column covers one year.
You will notice a slight shift between the top part and the lower part of the wave. This shift is in proportion to the timing of his date of birth and the beginning of the calendar year.

The first row shows your age at any given year. The second, third, and fourth row are dedicated to the Transits.

Following the Transits, we find the double-digit Essence Cycles and the single-digit Essence cycles.

(The double-digit Essence Cycles reveal the existence of Master numbers and Karmic Debt numbers.)

The long-term Period Cycles are next, followed by the Personal Year cycles. The calendar years are listed below the Personal Year cycles, and the long-term Pinnacle cycles complete the picture.

There are many reasons for numerology’s enduring magic.

Simply put, it is highly accurate. People who encounter numerology marvel at the insight and practical advice it offers, as well as its ability to predict future trends and events. Implicit within the spiritual science of numerology is an age-old and universal wisdom that people intuitively understand, respect, and respond to. Numerology is very accessible. Anyone who can do simple arithmetic can do a complete numerology chart, and it requires little time to complete.

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