Numerology Chart for Paul McCartney

An overview of a numerology chart's lay-out

The top part of the chart shows the names and their numerology values.

The top part of the numerology chart shows the full name at birth on the left, and the current name, the way he introduces himself, on the right. (Decoz numerology software analyzes both.)

The middle part of the numerology chart shows the numbers derived from the date of birth.

The date of birth is shown in the middle part of the star shape.

Each vertical column in the wave below covers one year of cycles. Starting with the age in the top, then the Transits, Essence, Period Cycles, Personal Years, and Pinnacle cycles. Notice the slight shift between the top part of the wave and the lower part. This reflects the difference in starting time of the cycles.

The lower part of the numerology chart shows the wave and the yearly cycles.

Three years of monthly cycles are found in the pie shaped circles.

For a more detailed explanation of the chart's layout and symbolism, click here.

Are numbers in numerology a reflection of a greater truth that exists beneath the surface of life?

The book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny attempts to answer that question. It will serve not only as a tool for understanding numbers and learning the age-old science of numerology, but it will also help you to better understand your life. However, it’s essential to recognize that no tool—not matter how powerful or sophisticated—can approach the vastness of the universe and life itself. Numerology is a springboard to larger realities. But the universe itself is infinite. That vastness exists within you. No matter what your numbers may say about you or others, all of us are a part of the infinite universe, and thus beyond the limits that any tool can convey.

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