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World Numerology Readings are much more personal and extensive than those from numerologist dot com and others.

Not all Numerology Readings are created equal - even when based on the same person, there are vast differences.

As well as a number of other numerology readings and charts

Try our numerology reports. Eighteen, to be precise.

Address and Phone number analyzers, the Daily Number Forecast, there are quite a few tools in your collection that can help you keep your life in sync and in harmony


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What is different about our new numerology reading - the Personality Profile - is several new chapters, and most importantly, a chapter called "How your numbers stack up."

No other numerology reading includes chapters that look at how numbers relate and interact with each other. There is a vast difference between someone with a 5 Expression, a 1 Heart's Desire, and a 4 Personality, versus a person with a 5 Expression, a 2 Heart's Desire, and a 3 Personality.

Our Numerology Reading zooms in on these number combinations to tell you about your particular personal makeup in ways no one else can. That particular chapter is, in fact, drawn from a sing text base of 60,000 words dedicated ONLY to this chapter.

This text base is what sets our numerology readings apart. Written over almost 30 years and consisting of close to a million words, our software contains a well-edited clear and concise text file for at least 800 different number combinations, or single numbers occupying a particular spot in a numerology chart.

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