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Are person-to-person numerology readings more specific?


The Personal Profiles and Forecasts numerology program is like a dream come true. It's a wonderful tool to the inner workings of life. I am looking forward to the rest of your programs.
Rick T.

Working for more than 30 years with I CHING, RUNES and NUMEROLOGY, amongst other tools, I am highly impressed with the work of Hans Decoz. In short, it is outstanding.
Wolfgang Litzenboerger

Numerology class with numerologist Hans Decoz, creator of the most sophisticated Metaphysical software on the market

Numerology class with your friendly, local numerologist - going back about thirty years


A face-to-face numerology reading with a professional is always more specific.


Not only that, a professional can oversee a chart as a whole, whereas a numerology software program by definition takes it one aspect at a time.

(The previous statement is no longer as valid as it was in the nineties, as our numerology software has evolved considerably since then. Our World Numerology app includes several chapters that consider not only individual numbers, but also combinations of numbers - not unlike a professional numerologist's ability to consider multiple numbers.)

On the other hand, a numerology software program never has a bad day, doesn't make mistakes, and is purely objective. These are valid points, but all other things being equal, you should have your consultation from a professional if you can afford it. Be sure to research the numerologist you chose – a practitioner is only as valuable as his or her knowledge and integrity.

My numerology software, and I hope you can forgive me for tooting my own horn, has made great progress towards overcoming some of these differences. I have always updated and expanded my work, but my latest effort is far more specific and personal. It looks at the way different combinations of numbers affect your chart, and views the gaps and bridges between your core numbers. This has never been done before, and makes a great difference in your numerology reading. Examples are the new Dualities chapter in the Yearly Forecast, the core numbers overview (the first chapter in the Personality Profile), and several different Bridge numbers.

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