Numerology recognizes a universal unity among all phenomena


“Every word, in every language, perfectly reflects the feeling and spirit of the thing that is named by the people who use that language.”


Numerology is based in part on the idea that language evolves in synchronicity with the people who speak it.


Progress for the human spirit, as I’ve come to see it, is an elevation of consciousness where the individual becomes fully aware of being an integral part of the cosmos as a whole, and of its maker. This mode of consciousness is much, much broader than anything that could possibly develop from a rational thought process.


The Tao helps explain the logic and philosophy behind numerology


Contrary to the knowledge of the mind, this understanding is rooted in seeing, recognizing, and realizing at a much deeper level. It typically occurs in meditative experiences, but it can also occur in many other settings.

Science is trying to reach that kind of understanding. As Capra indicated, quantum mechanics is demonstrating that the fundamental reality of the universe—while not immediately apparent to our rational minds—is a vast unity in which all things are related.

In ancient times, this understanding formed the basis for all natural and spiritual sciences. In fact, natural science was merely the tool that was used to discover the underlying orderliness of the universe, otherwise known as God. Out of this consciousness came such spiritual sciences as numerology. Numerology is based upon this underlying unity, a unity that manifests itself in a very intimate way in all of our lives. Our names and dates of birth, for example, are connected with our deepest inner being in a way that the rational mind cannot immediately understand. The intuitive mind, however, is capable of perceiving and interpreting these relationships to help us better understand our lives.

The act of giving something a name is not a superficial or intellectual effort, but a reflection of our deep experience of the essence of the thing we are naming. It comes out of our connection or our intuitive feeling of that thing. For example, the word storm, with its special combination of vowels and consonants, gives us a feeling of the movement and power of an invisible force. Storm. Say it and you will feel it.

Another example is the word power, which names something, but at the same time gives the experience of the thing we are naming: Power! The biting movement of the jaw makes us feel it.

The word love embraces us gently, giving us the experience of its meaning.

Every word, in every language, perfectly reflects the feeling and spirit of the thing that is named by the people who use that language. Some will argue that the words used to name things were originally chosen arbitrarily, and then were integrated into our inner feelings. However, our understanding of sound comes from an archetypal and unconscious part of our being. It is intimately connected with our appreciation of music; no matter whether you are tone deaf or have perfect pitch, all of us have an inborn capacity to discern music from chaotic noise. Music is harmony. And music is inside of us. Nature too, is filled with events that have trained us to associate certain qualities with sounds: The clap of thunder, the whoosh of a river, or the whir of a bird in flight.

From our innate understanding of music and harmony comes the act of naming things according to our perception of their inner natures. This intuitive act is the source of our language. All languages emerge from, and represent the natures of the people who use them.

All of this points to a single and incredibly important fact: Sound and time are both rooted in harmony and universal order. This is the source of numerology. The numerologist maintains that each of us carries the quintessential name that reflects our inner nature or being. Your name is a melody that - in a very deep and perfect way - is you.




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