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Numerology is a language of symbols


But there is another side to it, which is pretty much ignored, and that is its potential as a bringer of wisdom and spiritual understanding.


Numerology, too often, is used solely for the purpose of analyzing a name and birth date or in an attempt to get some insight into future events. And there is nothing wrong with that. But there is another side to numerology which is pretty much ignored, and that is its potential as a bringer of wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Numerology is a language of symbols; the same symbols we use to depict quantities. However, in Numerology we use those symbols differently by tying them to personalities, character traits, and what have you. Without going into depth about each of the single digit numbers and their assigned attributes – information you can get in any decent Numerology book – I would instead like to focus on another story the nine single digit numbers tell, a story that can be seen as an illustration of our path to fulfillment (read contentment, joy, happiness, the knowledge of the true self, enlightenment, etc.). This is not a pie-in-the-sky story. In fact, I know that each and every one of us has the potential to cross that river of doubt and fear and ignorance to arrive on the other side, where knowing the true nature of your existence is present in every breath you take.

In a previous article, I wrote about the number 1 pretty much from that perspective, explaining that nothing comes into existence that did not first exist within the seed that is symbolized by the number 1, and that has always existed, free from the restraints of time, a representation of the immortal, the infinite. Nothing comes from zero. It all starts with the number 1. And so it is that you exist, you came from 1, you are 1. And now you have the greatest gift of all: YOU are alive.

But life is immensely confusing. You know deep inside that there is a purpose, there is a promise, there is “something.” And so we go through life, trying this, trying that. Finding some pleasure here, perhaps some pain there. But we act, we move, we create, we search, we desire, we plan and we want. And nothing seems to fully live up to its promise. Oh, if I just had … a Bachelor’s degree, a car, a lover, a child, a home, a job, my own business, written that novel, and on and on and on it goes and it never works.

Sure, it works for a short time. Driving that new car makes you happy for a week or so, but pretty soon that new car becomes old news and on we go to chase the next promise of happiness. A life time of slavery appears to be our lot, slaves of our own wants. But, and this is absolutely crucial to understand (in fact, this is the most important piece of insight you will ever discover), we are slaves of a want that is an essential part of our being. That is dead center of our being. That is (drum roll please) the driving force that will eventually bring you to fulfill the purpose of your being.

So there it is, the essence of the number 2 as a symbol of the engine that drives you towards your goal. The number 1 is the car, but that car is not going anywhere until you put gas in the tank, turn the key, and put it in gear. And that displacement of energy is what the number 2 is all about. The 2 symbolizes feeling. The 1 is existing, the 2 is feeling. Just for the fun of it, think about all the things you do in your life and the reasons you do them.

You go to school so that you can earn an education that in turn will give you that great job you want … but why? Because deep down you expect that this will give you a good feeling. You work hard and earn as much money as possible so that you can buy that fantastic house and marry that wonderful person and have wonderful kids…but why? Because deep down you expect that this will give you a good feeling. You save money so you can travel, see exotic countries … but why? Because deep down you expect that this will give you a good feeling. You volunteer your time and effort for a good cause…but why? Because you expect this will give you a good feeling. And on and on this goes.

If you think about it, everything you do, literally, you do because you expect it will give you a good feeling. And this is something to contemplate: “Why are we so gung-ho about experiencing good “feelings?” Because, dear friend, “feeling” is what we are all about. Once you understand this, there are two huge benefits. First, you are now one hundred thousand times more clear about what you want to do in this life. No longer do you have to go through this huge shopping list of things you want, or think you want, or think you should want, because you now know that what you want is to feel good, so just pick the things that make you feel good and don’t waste any more time on all those promises and detours; you can go straight for the gold.

And secondly, and infinitely more important, you now have a glimmer of that understanding that will eventually give you the most beautiful and satisfying feeling without it being a consequence of anything; it just is. No need for a new car, no need for a great job, no need for anything; that “good feeling” will become a part of you, as I mentioned previously, with every breath you take. You like? Yes? It’s yours! Because everything you need you already have. You have the need and you have the resources to fill that need – all built-in inside of you. That is how you were designed. That is who you are. Essentially complete, even if you are not always aware of all that you have within.
That nagging need to find some joy and happiness that makes you pursue dreams, want to fall in love, and so forth, may be at times misdirected, but that is the same driving force that will eventually bring you the answer to all your questions. Know thyself, your resources as well as your true need, and you will know everything. This is not a flippant parroting of old scriptures, this is as new and current as it is old and timeless. And this applies to each and every one of us.




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