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Our New Numerology Software Represents a Culmination of Three Decades of Development


A history of Decoz Numerology software from 1987 to current


Decoz Numerology Master program was created in 1987 as a proprietary numerology software program. It was offered to the public in 1989.

Today, hundreds of websites and professionals use Decoz software to create readings and offer them to their clients. The reason the Decoz software pretty much stands alone and is by far the most frequently used is simple; the amount of written material required to produce such readings with any real depth and insight is huge and the task of creating such a text base is quite overwhelming. After all, every number in any location of a chart requires its own text file. I began writing texts for numerology readings in 1984 knowing that it would be a huge task. When, three years later, my profiles and forecasts became available, the text base was equal to about eight average size novels. By 2004 it had more than tripled, and several new reports, such as the Name Advisor and the Diamond Spirit report, had been added.

Despite all that, I still felt the depth and insight of the readings was limited by the fact that the software was unable to describe the effect numbers had on each other. In other words, it couldn't oversee a whole chart; it could only view one aspect at a time. Take, for example, the core name numbers. In the original profile, each of the core name numbers (the Expression, the Heart's Desire, and the Outer Personality number) was described separately, adding to a total of about forty text files. Adding additional texts combining them in their many different possible variations seemed truly overwhelming. However, I decided it would be the logical next stage.

Fast-forward three years, and the text base has more than doubled in size and now includes descriptions of the combined effect of the core name numbers, the yearly cycles, and several other aspects. Other improvements include re-editing of existing texts, inserting additional aspects, improving certain algorithms, inserting graphics straight from your personal numerology chart into the reports, and so forth.

All of this represents such an improvement that the new readings deserve to be considered the next generation numerology reports, or as my friend calls it: Decoz 2.0. The new World Numerology App was designed specifically to make access to the readings easier and cheaper.




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