Of Numerology, Life, and the Alien Connection



Numerology mostly centers around nine single-digit numbers.






Numerology, Life, and the Alien Connection, and what it could mean if we ever encounter extra-terrestrials


One number, however, stands out. In fact, it is the only number that can be considered real. All other numbers are merely symbols denoting a multiplication of that number.


You guessed it, I am talking about the number 1.

Here’s a hypothetical: Let’s assign a number to everything that lives. Think of them as VIN numbers or serial numbers. As you know, those numbers are not random, they mean something; the first few digits tell where it was made, the next what year it was built, then what model, what factory, and so forth. There’s nothing random about a serial number and no two cars have the same VIN number. Similarly, let's imagine we have assigned unique numbers to everything that lives - every tree, every leaf, every mouse, every human being, every insect, flower, fruit, sea horse, etc.

If it's alive, we've given it a number. Obviously, this is impossible, but thanks to our vivid imagination we can picture just such a mind-boggling database of all living creatures – about a gazillion times a gazillion of them.

“What do all these numbers have in common?” The answer, of course, is the number 1. The only common denominator among all numbers, whether two digits or two million digits is they are all divisible by 1. Or, I should say, every number no matter how large is nothing more than that many times 1.

If you are into symbolism, you can take this conclusion a step further to say that the Creator of All Things (God?), is most accurately symbolized by the number 1. The origin of everything, the essence of everything, and the primal building block of everything is 1. (There you have it, my personal “Theory of Everything!”)

Let me state here, that I have no desire to offend by calling into doubt a person’s faith or belief, but if all religions would simply replace the word God, or Allah, or Yahweh, or Buddha, or Brahman, with the number 1, it might be a big help in removing some of the discord that exists among the world’s many religions.



Furthermore, just as all numbers have 1 as their common denominator, Life is the only thing all living creatures have in common. There is literally nothing else we can point to as something all living things share. Some creatures have a nerve system, some don’t. Some have blood, some don’t, some have skeletons, some don’t. Ants, elephants, butterflies, sharks, dogs, human beings, birds, oysters, flowers, frogs, mosquitoes, bats, they all share Life. Anything alive lives because Life is present within that creature. The only thing they ALL have in common is Life, and here is a rule that applies to all of them equally: When Life leaves, the creature is no longer alive. (Death did not enter it; Life left, is all.)

To recognize Life as a presence – not a concept or abstract philosophy, but an essential ingredient that must be present for any creature to remain alive - is a simple, yet elusive realization. This fact, stupendously obvious once someone points it out, may well be the most hidden truth of all, like a single leaf of grass in a field of astroturf.

Life, our common denominator, is, therefore, most accurately symbolized by the number 1. Now, this may be a stretch, but it seems to me that if Life is 1, and God is 1, it means Life is God and God is Life. I don’t mean to say that Life exists by the grace of God, but Life is God. They are synonyms - they mean the same thing.



Now that we are so far outside the box it's no longer in our field of vision, we might as well continue down this road and ask: “If there is other Life out there, what do we have in common with those extra-terrestrials?” As a fan of Star Wars, I can picture all kinds of wacky looking creatures, but whatever the first extra-terrestrial we encounter looks like, he/she/it will have one thing in common with us: Life. And, by extension, God. If extra-terrestrials exist, they are the product of the same Creator (Life) that created you (again: Life) - this is our Alien connection.

Recognizing the simple, undeniable fact that all living beings, whether on this planet or elsewhere in the universe (including parallel universes, hologram-realities, multi-dimensional multi-universes, whatever) all have one thing in common with you: Life.

     Your Life.
     Your Soul.
     Your God.

Different names. Same enchilada!

Hans Decoz

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