The Essential, Invisible You




Numerology allows you to think about abstract, philosophical concepts


Scientists have methods and instruments that can measure pretty much anything under the Sun. Numerology doesn't have any instruments to measure anything, but it allows you to think in a way that pushes the boundaries of your imagination.

Instruments that vary in size from so small that they are practically invisible to the human eye, to a particle collider with a 17 mile circumference. There are telescopes floating miles above our planet and seismic instruments planted deep into Earth. We study and measure everything. Even brainwaves.

Therefore, it should be pretty obvious that we are on the verge of knowing everything. It's just a matter of time. No telling how much time, but according to certain measurements, our knowledge base doubles every five years, so it shouldn't be too far in the future when the time comes that you can't ask a question to which scientists don't have an answer. Wouldn't that be great?

Fortunately, there will always be a question for which scientists will never be able to find an answer. Not now, not ever. Period. And, unfortunately, the same applies to numerology.

Even more fortunate is the fact that that particular question is the most important question you can ask.

To make this riddle even more challenging, you should know that you, dear reader, were created with that particular question in mind. You are therefore designed, down to the smallest detail, for one purpose and one purpose only: to realize the answer to that question. Everything else in your life is window dressing. Your body, your mind, all that you are, exists only for the purpose of realizing the answer to that question.

To make things even more intriguing, reflect on this: what almost anyone would consider your most powerful tool -- your mind -- actually stands between you and your potential of realizing the answer to that question.

I am sure you figured out long ago where I am going with this, but just to make it more fun, let's look at some other attributes unique to the question.

Your intellect has nothing to do with your potential to realize the answer. Smart or smarter, dumb or dumber, it just doesn't matter one iota.

All the mainframe computers combined couldn't find the answer in a thousand years. It's not the level of complexity that makes it difficult to realize the answer. It's its simplicity.

When you realize the answer, you also discover a part of you has always known. It's like coming home.

You knew the answer when you were living rent-free in your mother's womb.

When you realize the answer, you also know you can't transfer it to another person, ever. No matter how hard you try. And yet, the only way you will ever be able to realize the answer is when another human being introduces you to it -- or it to you.

You can, perhaps, pave the way by sitting in a cave in the Himalayas in your underwear for a few decades, but you can just as efficiently prepare yourself living a hectic life downtown in some big, noisy city. In either case, underwear is not required.

I will give you the answer at the end of this article. And you still won't know. Contemplate that, and you are on your way to understanding the question -- and the reason I keep using the word "realize," as opposed to a simple "know."

You would be correct if you said that life for you doesn't really start until after you find the answer. It's only because you need a human life in order to realize the answer, that you have been given some time beforehand -- think of it as an appetizer, or a loan. Although I am more reminded of the way we used to start a car, back a hundred years ago; you had to crank and crank and crank to get it started. That's life before the knowing; crank and crank and crank. Hard work, for sure.

Every mammal, except human beings, know the answer.

If you would be so fortunate as to meet someone who has realized the answer, you wouldn't have any way of knowing. Not until you start to listen without your mind acting as an interpreter.

The answer, when heard, is pronounced identical in every language spoken on this planet, bar none.

There are some who realize the answer without ever having consciously asked the question. Yet, they are not any luckier than you are.

Meditation can heal you, quiet you, uplift you, center you, delight you, bring a measure of happiness and joy, and do many other wonderful things. It can't make you realize the answer. Because whatever you meditate on, a mantra, a mandala, a candle, a lotus flower, your breath, a name, Om, or anything else, then that is actually what prevents you from realizing the answer.

The answer is found in a void.

If you can hear the answer in your mind, it's not the answer.

Prayer, if sincere, and no matter what you are praying for, is a way of asking the question.

A prayer aimed at whatever else and no matter how sincere, never delivers anything except a step closer to realizing the answer.

I can go on for a long time, and bore you to tears. So here is the answer:

It's the Essential Invisible You!




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