Your Essence and Personal Year cycles are distinctly separate energies that influence you in different ways.

Your Essence reflects your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of mind at a particular time in your life and feels like an internal influence; it's a stage in your personal evolution. Your Personal Year cycle, however, feels more external.

Your Essence and Personal Year cycles overlap creating a duality which produces its own influence. Most importantly, it tells us how you can get the most out of your mix of Personal Year and Essence cycles by looking at their combined influence.

In numerology, overlapping cycles, specifcally Essence and Personal Year cycles, are called Dualities.Personal Year cycles run concurrent with the calendar year and change every year, while Essence cycles run from birthday to birthday and can be anywhere from one to eighteen years, sometimes even longer.

Therefore, you can have either two or three Dualities during any 12-month period. Three, if your Essence changes (one before your birthday, one after your birthday, and another when the new year starts). If your Essence doesn't change, you have two Dualities, one for each calendar year.

Below is an example of a Dualities chapter included in our Yearly Forecast

Ellen, your Dualities before your birthday in 2018 are 3 and 6


Ellen, when a 3 Essence takes place during a 6 Year, it bodes well for business, career, and project-related activities, but is not as favorable for personal relationships. After reading about your people-oriented 6 Year, and your light-hearted, cheerful 3 Essence cycles, this may surprise you, because both numbers have a positive, socially well-adjusted nature. However, in combination, these influences have the potential to affect relationships negatively.

The challenge stems, in part, from the 3's tendency to misread the motivations and needs of others. Although the 3 is charismatic and generally has enviable verbal skills, it is often at a loss when discussing matters of depth and intimacy. Although this could be difficult for your romantic relationships, dealings with clients, neighbors, and co-workers generally fare well, as they require little depth and no emotional ties. Your deeper relationships demand more, and that same jovial, surface approach can affect them negatively.

Most years, a 3 Essence would be relatively harmless, but this is a 6 Year, which is rarely a normal year for matters of the heart. Basically, it is not the most favorable time to deal with relationship issues - and a 6 Personal Year promises plenty of that. Being aware of this can prevent hurt feelings and emotional upsets. Listen carefully, think before you act, and most of all, take the feelings of those you care about seriously.

Fortunately, the opposite is true for your professional and productive life. When it comes to practical matters and creative ideas you should excel. You are equally adept at promoting yourself (and your ideas) and garnering support. In addition, with your energy, enthusiasm, and creative potential, you will likely be asking for more responsibility or to expand your range of duties. This makes promotion and progress more likely.

Your Dualities after your birthday in 2018 are 16/7 and 6

A 7 Essence during a 6 Personal Year, Ellen, could make you feel there are too many people in your life, regardless of how much you love them. It could often feel like there are too many obligations, too many commitments — too much of almost everything.

Your Personal Year influences the events and circumstances you encounter during this period. A 6 here suggests people in your life will require your attention more than usual. At the same time, your Essence (which affects your state of mind) will be looking for time alone. This is a year for self-discovery, realization, and insight — at a time when relationships and practical issues will be vying for your attention.

Your challenge lies in juggling these influences. Do your best to give yourself the time you need for personal growth, without ignoring the important needs or emotions of others. People in your life will probably have little trouble getting your attention but taking time for your own needs might require conscious effort on your part. The value of the time you give to yourself cannot be overstated.

In your professional life, these cycles should be more harmonious. This is largely due to having less emotional involvement with people outside your intimate circle. This duality is also favorable for anything that requires a sharp mind. Both numbers support your ability to strategize and find solutions to practical challenges.

If you give them your effort and attention, your 7 Essence can sharpen your intellect and insight, and your 6 Year can help apply your plans and solutions in a practical, focused manner.

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