Dates, Cycles, and Patterns in Numerology

Numerology is based on the presumption that there is an orderliness to everything

I recently watched a film that played in a world with multiple dimensions and out-of-this-world special effects. A handful of humans, surviving the calamity that had given birth to their strange new world, wandered about holding hands wondering if their new home was heaven or an illusion - utterly stupefied by the strangeness of it all.

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I see this as a perfect analogy. The only reason we don’t notice the peculiar world of our own existence is because we were lowered into it gradually with an empty, blank, wordless mind. If we were to open our eyes the way a new born baby does - but with a fully matured mind - we would be blown away beyond anything a fantastical movie could ever inspire. We live in the most magical illusion.

But here we are – with a myriad of forces at play. The numbers around us play a part in the harmony and disharmony we experience in our personal lives and as a world-wide community. Here are my thoughts on past and current Global Forecasts and important dates that have affected many of us in a profound way.

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