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Based on long-established algorithms, this numerology chart calculator includes Master numbers, Karmic Debt numbers, and other double-digit numbers whenever applicable.


Master numbers

Master numbers are felt strongly when found in certain locations in the numerology chart, such as the Life Path, Birth Day, the core name numbers, Maturity number, Essence cycles, and the long-term cycles. In most other locations their influence is minimal.


Karmic Debt numbers

Karmic Debt numbers are most important found in similar locations, but are particularly powerful when found among the cycles.


The App

Our World Numerology app, a software application designed for individual use (scroll down the page for a free download), as well as our professional numerology software, includes one or more chart calculators.

Also included are the Decoz Chart system and the new Proportional Numerology chart; a particularly cool and insightful method.

Samples of each are shown below.



The Numerology Chart Calculator


Numerology Chart for
Name: John Neyman
Born: October 22, 1975
Full Name at Birth: John Peter Neyman

Life Path Number: 45/9
Birthday Number: 22/4
Your Expression: 12/3
Minor Expression: 11/2
Your Heart's Desire: 13/4
Minor Heart's Desire: 12/3
Personality: 17/8
Maturity: 3
Life Path/ Expression Bridge Number: 6
Heart's Desire/ Personality Bridge: 4
Planes of Expression:
      Physical Number: 11/2
      Mental Number: 10/1
      Emotional Number: 34/7
      Intuitive Number: 14/5
Balance Number: 13/4
Rational Thought Number: 6
Corenerstone: J
Subconscious Self Number: 13/4
First Challenge Number: 3
Second Challenge Number: 0
Third Challenge Number: 3
Fourth Challenge Number: 3
First Pinnacle Number (from birth to age 27): 5
Second Pinnacle Number (from age 28 to 36): 8
Third Pinnacle Number (from age 37 to 45): 4
Fourth Pinnacle Number (from age 46 and on): 5
First Period Cycle (from birth to age 27): 1
Second Period Cycle (from age 28 to 54): 22
Third Period Cycle (from age 55 and on): 22
Physical Transit: N
Mental Transit: E
Spiritual Transit: Y
Essence Cycle: 8

For 2016, John's yearly and monthly cycles are:
Personal Year Cycle: 5
Personal Month Cycles
January: 6
February: 7
March: 8
April: 9
May: 1
June: 2
July: 3
August: 4
September: 5
October: 6
November: 7
December: 8

At age 41, John's Transits and Essence cycles are:
Physical Transit: J
Mental Transit: T
Spiritual Transit: Y
Essence Cycle: 1
For 2017, John's yearly and monthly cycles are:
Personal Year Cycle: 6
Personal Month Cycles
January: 7
February: 8
March: 9
April: 1
May: 2
June: 3
July: 4
August: 5
September: 6
October: 7
November: 8
December: 9

At age 42, John's Transits and Essence cycles are:
Physical Transit: O
Mental Transit: T
Spiritual Transit: Y
Essence Cycle: 6
For 2018, John's yearly and monthly cycles are:
Personal Year Cycle: 7
Personal Month Cycles
January: 8
February: 9
March: 1
April: 2
May: 3
June: 4
July: 5
August: 6
September: 7
October: 8
November: 9
December: 1



A sample of the Decoz Numerology Chart Maker:

The Decoz numerology chart - the latest version free in the numerology collection

Basically the same information as is shown above, but laid out in an easy to oversee manner and including 50 years of cycles. Learn more here...



The Proportional Numerology Chart

The Proportional numerology chart by Numerologist Hans Decoz, creator of the World Numerology Collection - included free

Learn more about this method here...



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