Decoz and World Numerology combined talent and resources to create the most complete collection of readings and charts available


Charting systems used by professional numerologists usually consist of a yellow pad and some pens. There are some problems with that charting system, as in the end, it’s hard to oversee the chart and connect the dots.

In the early 80’s I designed and developed a system that was more logical and easier to oversee. Using a simple layout, I created a template and used that to hand-draw a numerology charts for every face-to-face consultation. There were a number of things I noticed early on. Not only was the end result a chart I could work with without having to flip pages and look for notes, the act of calculating and coloring the chart actually put me in a state of mind – or perhaps I should say, integrated and activated my intuitive powers – to such an extent I would have a pretty good idea of my next client. There were times when I knew I would be able to pick my client out of a group of people, even though I had never met him, or her.

Recently, I developed a new numerology chart, one that serves a different purpose. I named it the Proportional Numerology Chart, because it focuses on the proportional presence of each of the nine single-digit numbers, and assigning a value to them based on the location. This chart is the foundation for the Talent Profile, and, in my opinion, offers insight not possible through any other chart.

By the way, the World Numerology Collection includes free numerology software programs that produce regular numerology charts, the old-fashioned way, as well as the DecozChart and the Proportional Chart.