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Your 2nd Period Cycle is 8


If your 2nd Period Cycle is 8, you were born on the 8th, the 17th, or the 26th day of the month.


The 8 Period Cycle usually bodes well for work, career, and financial reward. This is a time when power falls to you, but must be used wisely and with purpose. You likely find yourself in a position of authority and leadership.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 8 - This is a time when power falls to you, but must be used wisely and with purpose.


Vision and a willingness to take risks are necessary to advance your career or business.

However, there is a danger of being duped by get-rich-quick schemes.

With balance as its most essential quality, the statement "You reap what you sow" applies to the 8 more than to any other number. With effort and diligence, financial reward is almost guaranteed.

However, if cutting corners or opportunism is the driving force behind your professional life, financial ruin could just as likely be the result.

The 8 is rarely neutral regarding punishment or reward.

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