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Your 2nd Period Cycle is 6

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If your 2nd Period Cycle is 6, you were born on the 6th, the 15th, or the 24th day of the month.


Your middle years are a time of responsibility and duty. The issues of commitment, marriage, and family come into sharp focus. If you honor your commitments with acceptance and love, this can be a period of harmony and support.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 6 - This is a time of progress through flexibility, cooperation, and compromise.


You are needed by others; you are loved and appreciated.

Reinforced by the loving, family-oriented 6, this is the best cycle for marriage and commitment.

In the same way, partnerships go well and progress is made through joint effort. Conversely, commitments that are broken or not deeply made tend to end in separation or divorce more often during this period than others.

Artistic talents you possess may surface or heighten, and opportunities for self-expression present themselves.

A commercial opportunity is supported, possibly your own business.

This is a time of progress through flexibility, cooperation, and compromise.

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