Period Cycle 7


IF YOUR 1st PERIOD CYCLE IS 7, you were born in July


The first three decades of your life represent a time to specialize, think deeply, and contemplate the deeper questions of life. Study a subject you enjoy in depth. You are attracted to the fields of science, technology, philosophy, and metaphysics. Become an expert in a specific area.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 7 - July; A time to specialize, think deeply, and contemplate the deeper questions of life.


You have excellent intuition and a mind that can penetrate beneath the surface of any subject you commit to.

Focus your energies and thoughts.

This is a period of inner development. Meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection are means of inner enrichment. Develop wisdom.

Relationship may seem burdensome at times because of the desire to spend time alone. There is some resistance to sharing your deeper feelings with others. The inner life is so compelling that you will want to immerse yourself in it. Share the knowledge you accumulate by teaching, counseling, or simply talking to others.

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I think your numerology book and Internet site is the best, most complete, and user-friendly compilation of the art and science of numerology that I have come across in my 15 years as a scholar and amateur practitioner of numerology.

Fondest Regards

Peggy A.

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