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First Period Cycle 4


IF YOUR 1st PERIOD CYCLE IS 4, you were born in April


The first 3 decades of your life represent a time of hard work and all the rewards it can bring. This is a period in which you are concerned chiefly with the practical things of life: work and career, sound family and a solid community. You are not given to flights of fancy or idealism, but want to place your life on sound financial footing.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 4 - April; A time of hard work and all the rewards it can bring.


You can be overly concerned with details and thus can find yourself in ruts that will have to be broken free of. Find work you love and do it to your heart's content, but do not neglect the rest of your humanity, or that of others close to you.

This is a time requiring discipline, order, and self-motivation.

Work is the order of the day. But through these characteristics, you will be seen as the foundation of your family, job, and even community.

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Skeptical at first that my name and birth date alone could produce so much of interest, I am skeptical no longer. Your reading has proven to be an infallible guide as well as an inspirational source of support and confirmation.

S. Hayton-Keeva

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