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first Period Cycle 11


IF YOUR 1st PERIOD CYCLE IS 11, you were born in November


The first 30 years of your life represent a time of spiritual expansion, even illumination. You will grow in understanding and wisdom. It is not a time to pursue material goals for themselves, but to seek the higher human ideals.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 11 - November; A time of spiritual expansion, even illumination. You will grow in understanding and wisdom.


There is a temptation, however, to chase after the infinite without grounding yourself in the practical. That must be avoided. Focus your studies and deepen your understanding to the point that your knowledge can be conveyed to others in simple and acceptable terms.

You possess a message or an ability that should be shared with your community, but only through deep personal transformation and improvement of self-expression can this gift be given.

The more willing you are to work on yourself, the more good you will do for the world at large. For those who accept and embrace this path, there is much reward, including ample financial support and even fame. There is also the deeper satisfaction of knowing that one has made a contribution to the advancement of others.


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C Baker


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