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Period Cycle 1


IF YOUR 1st PERIOD CYCLE IS 1, you were born in January or October


The first three decades of your life represent a period of much intensity. It requires fortitude, courage, and flexibility. You will be forced to use every one of your talents in order to achieve your own personal individuality and independence.

Numerology's First Period Cycle 1 - January or October; This a period of much intensity. It requires fortitude, courage, and flexibility.


This is a period of integration and focusing on your life's dream.

Your grip on your direction will be tested, but somehow the resources are available to overcome any obstacle and emerge from this time all the stronger. It is a time requiring independence, resilience, and strength, but these characteristics become integral part of your personality.

This cycle marks a time of progress.

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Hi Hans

I have recently purchased your numerology reports and I am absolutely amazed at the insight they are able to predict. Love the product.

Keep up the good work

Pete K


Thank you so much. In a world of such chaos and disruption it is good to see the wisdom of the ancients available to the people.




My wife and I both use all of the numerology programs in our daily lives and find them to be very accurate. I had tried many numerology programs before I found yours Hans. Yours are so accurate! I'm sure your told that everyday.

Gary McCabe

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