Do Your Own Numerology: Your third Pinnacle Cycle


The Third Pinnacle cycles tends to be the most productive time of your life.


Although Pinnacle Cycles and Period Cycles are both derived from your date of birth, they differ in the way you experience them. Period Cycles, described previously, reflect internal stages of growth. Pinnacle Cycles represent the external influences you encounter in life, such as your environment, social conditions, relationships, and changing circumstances.

Pinnacle cycles in numerology start and end based on your age and your Life Path number - in this respect, the numerology reading varies from person to person

Pinnacles reveal how you might respond to these influences and how they will affect your ever-evolving personality.

The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is usually strongly felt. You will likely make life-altering decisions, such as marriage, a job or career change, or major changes in your personal makeup.

Knowing and understanding your approaching Pinnacle number prepares you for the changes ahead. Perhaps the most strongly felt change is the transition from First to Second Pinnacle. This is usually a difficult transition but once crossed, provides a clear sense of direction and a firmer sense of identity.


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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 1

This Pinnacle will require an iron will to keep hold of your goals, and also the flexibility to maneuver around difficulties, and bend with the winds of adversity.

The benefit of this Pinnacle number is a strong sense of your individuality and strength. You will know what you are made of. There are many hidden gifts in this period, perhaps the greatest of which is faith.
Your Pinnacle provides you with the characteristics of leadership, boldness, and ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 2

You may lack self-confidence, especially at the beginning of the Pinnacle when your heightened sensitivity and awareness make you conscious of your own shortcomings. You may succumb to fear and hesitation. All of this can lead to emotional turmoil.
You need courage and the willingness to reach out for support.

Your sensitivity will make you acutely appreciative of beauty and harmonious environments. At the same time, you need beauty and harmony ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 3

You need focus and discipline. Under the influence of this Pinnacle, hard work is the key and the challenge to making the most of your opportunities.

Your numerology chart points to a time requiring you to be careful of impulsive behavior or doing things on a lark. You must know your limits during this period. Be careful of your money ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 4

You have the opportunity to build a foundation that will last. Your abilities as an organizer, manager, or simply the rock of any institution are greatly increased. You are dependable and reliable. Your ability to fulfill responsibilities is likewise enhanced.

While there are many rewards, there are also many frustrations. Your sense of your own limits and the consuming nature of details may at times seem ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 5

You will come to know the true meaning of freedom, which is unconditional love. You give your love and energy without the condition of holding on to a place, a person, or an occupation; and you expect the same in return - to be loved for what you are, rather than someone who belongs to another. There is a highly spiritual path offering itself that requires detachment without loss of love.

Many turn away from this and instead choose to maintain a superficial relationship with the world, or ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 6

This is a fine period for growth in business and financial matters. You attract people with resources who can help to further your personal goals. Moreover, you are balanced in your approach to business affairs. This can bring many rewards.

Your heightened sense of harmony and your genuine compassion makes you an excellent counselor and healer, especially if you already have native talent in any of ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 7

During this 7 Pinnacle, spiritual growth, increased knowledge, and wisdom are the big rewards. The 7 Pinnacle provides the basis for contentment in older age, because you now begin to understand life more deeply.

Your challenge is to avoid becoming critical or cynical of others. You can become so withdrawn from society that you look down on others. You may forget that you, too, are part of the imperfect human race. Sarcasm is the lowest form of communication, and a trap you could ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 8

Your challenge during this period is to maintain a hold on your human and spiritual values. You must remain balanced between heaven and earth. There will be enormous temptations to make money and status your only priorities, excluding the more human or immaterial matters entirely. This will undoubtedly lead to losses. You are being tested and instructed in the real value of money - it's natural place in life. If money is placed on a high altar, overshadowing all other facets of life, you will ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 9

You will feel an increased sense of social responsibility and compassion for the many. You will want to help those less fortunate than yourself and will likely apply yourself to some social cause or philanthropy. This is a period in which you feel a greater love for the good of your community, country, and the world.

Interestingly, you are not restricted by prejudice or boundaries of class or country. You see humanity as a whole. Your love is not personal, however ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 11

Your perception of life is somehow more acute than others; you see more clearly and more spiritually due to your high degree of sensitivity. It is as if you have a perfectly accurate peripheral vision, in which everything stands out in sharp relief. At times you may feel that you can see into the souls of things.
At the same time, you may feel like a foreigner to the earth. You are completely impractical. Sometimes you may feel that you do not understand the workings of the physical world. Practical things escape you. You feel awkward and clumsy at times, and are aware perhaps how fluidly other lives are going. This increases your sense of being ...

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Your Third Pinnacle Cycle is 22

The 22 Pinnacle is demanding - nothing less than everything you've got is necessary to bring forth your full potential, and the gift you must give to the world. This is a Pinnacle of extremes.

You are not alone, however, in your struggle. There is much spiritual and material support to help you realize your plans. People are attracted to you who intuitively understand your larger purpose. You gain a close following of friends and supporters who feel enriched by participating in the dream you have articulated.

Courage is essential. You need confidence and ...

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