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your third & main challenge

The Third or Main Challenge is in place throughout your life.


Your Third Challenge is found by subtracting your First Challenge from your Second Challenge or vice versa. If you wrote down your First and Second Challenge numbers, refer to your notes to subtract one from the other.


The Third Challenge is more strongly felt than the other Challenges.






I have studied numerology for over 10 years. I own 2 numerology software programs from different companies. I wish I had seen your software earlier. I would not have wasted my money on the other programs. Your version is better than anything I have seen. There is no comparison.

John Piedmont,



I don't believe in any one of these pseudo sciences, but my wife gave me a numerology reading done with your numerology program. I have to admit, I don't know how you do it, but you got me right on. Not only that, I feel reading it helped me confront some issues I always knew where holding me back.
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.

Jean Pierre Besancour,
Avignon, France



Wow is all I can say. I have been through so much drama in the last couple of years and have done my numerology chart and just could not get to the nitty gritty. This numerology reading alone has answered so many questions that I have been asking myself. Wow again.
Thank you.
Lisa B.



Mr. Decoz, you are by far the best in the world. Your numerology readings are so accurate and so detailed. When my numerology chart was done by you, I was so shocked and surprised because I had no idea that numerology could, or would, be so accurate.

AND of course, it depends on who is the author.
No one does numerology like you.

Mary Denny
Founder of the Club of Choices -
Houston, TX



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