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your second challenge

Numerology Challenges are fluid periods of your life demanding some effort on your part.


They are not confined to specific years so much as general periods. Your Second Challenge is found by deducting your day of birth from your year of birth, or vice versa.

Select your day and year of birth in the boxes below.


Write down the values shown in the boxes above (between brackets).

Next, deduct the value of the day from the value of the year of your birth, or vice versa and refer to the table below to find your Second Challenge number. (Make a note of your Second Challenge number - you will need it later.)


If the result of subtracting your day of birth from your year of birth, or vice versa is:


Your numerology chart may show two or even three of your Challenges to be identical. This is not uncommon.






I think your numerology book and Internet site is the best, most complete, and user-friendly compilation of the art and science of numerology that I have come across in my 15 years as a scholar and amateur practitioner of numerology.
Fondest Regards - Peggy A.



I just want you to know that I'm very impressed with your system. I've dabbled in Numerology for many years feel very fortunate to have accidentally found your programs through the search tools. Thank you so much for your dedication to this specialized field.
Renne Rhae



I would like to add my praise to the already long list of individuals appreciative of your work. The personal reading and compatibility reading are uncannily accurate. I have never encountered a personality assessment with as much precision, depth and helpful information for myself and for my relationships. I have no doubt that my life has been changed significantly for the better due to the new insights I have gained from your readings.

Thank you very much.

Victoria A.
Austin, TX



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